Business environment is poor are forced to go west a Taiwan yard farmers mentality


Preface: what is the IT environment in Taiwan, which we have rarely paid close attention to. The author, superbcde, is a Taiwan programmer who has no distinguished educational background. He begins with the IT training school and goes to his goal step by step. He warned young people: to take advantage of the young to learn more, determined to do not know what to learn, it is best to go to Silicon Valley, because there is a paradise for IT people, and revealed that Taiwan’s entrepreneurial environment is relatively poor. This article originally from the PTT forum, INDIDE has done two finishing, the original title: software person’s mental journey to share, TECH2IPO minor modifications and comments, pictures and the protagonist of this article has nothing to do.

I was a staff (similar to the mainland’s information technology personnel, editor’s note), it was laughed at, I have no deep background, nor the formal college or university, a college graduate, Graduate Diploma / fill a baccalaureate, after graduating from college, even a decent National Research Institute I failed. Clear into (National Taiwan University, Hsinchu Tsinghua University, Jiaotong University, University, editor’s note) no one I dare to vote, finally had to serve the country for two years, but also the way to study the outer islands.

starts with the great masters,

yes, you are right. When you graduate from college and you have nothing at all, young people are very gullible. I remember very clearly, at that time everybody (everybody is Taiwan’s biggest IT training school, Taiwan big computer subsidiary company, editor’s note) has the so-called SCJP/MCSE explanation meeting. Anyway, graduation, no work, just retired, received this class of certain study advertising, and free of charge, of course, go.

had to be a lecturer, and I forgot all about it. Anyway, I heard that class that day and only felt a surge of blood. Who also think if the topic has nothing to do with technology, a lecturer in classics, anyway, simply say: "you have achieved certification issued, million annual salary waiting for you." At that time, go home, just with my parents to more than fifty thousand yuan, did the master platinum card, bought the class roll, and then began my MCSE + SCJP course. As for the result, I think we have a few words in mind. I don’t blame the lecturer who explained the meeting. I myself became a good friend with many of my lecturers. One hour that will bring much money, if he is not bad, I think then nobody asked, they just mix rice to eat. Of course, it was several years before I knew it.

actually helped me a lot, but my biggest problem is that when you sign up, it’s a course. As for who teaches you, you never know. There are many good teachers, for example, miss Cao Zusheng. He talked a lot, Technet, and I’ve heard his one or two class, so it’s recommended. Unfortunately, because the instructor is scheduling or saving money, it’s actually a 200 hour class

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