The Pirate Bay launches PirateBrowser to circumvent web censorship

first_imgThere’s seems to be a growing trend at the moment of governments and media industry organizations forcing ISPs to block certain destinations on the Internet for our own good/safety. This has seen access to The Pirate Bay blocked completely in certain regions of the world, and in the UK plans are underway to automatically block access to pornography unless you opt-out.The Pirate Bay has decided enough is enough, and on its 10th anniversary has released its own web browser in a bid to remove censorship from the equation completely. It’s called PirateBrowser, and is actually a bundle of software that includes the Firefox portable browser complete with foxyproxy add-on and Tor client Vidalia.PirateBrowser’s main purpose is to circumvent any censorship put in place, but it does not allow you to surf the Internet anonymously. The Pirate Bay also insists nothing else has been added to the package, so it is free of adware, trojans, toolbars, or any other undesirable installations. The browser is there to enable you to surf more freely, nothing more.As it’s the portable version of Firefox, PirateBrowser is downloaded and extracted to a folder, not installed. You then just click “Start PirateBrowser.exe” and the browser will start and connect to the Tor network automatically. You then have a browser loaded that should bypass any censorship that has been put in place in your region of the world.Apparently this is just the start of The Pirate Bay’s efforts to offer a solution for web censorship. A future web browser package will take advantage of Bittorrent to allow you to store and distribute The Pirate Bay yourself. At the same time, PirateBrowser is actively in development, with Mac and Linux versions expected to appear alongside the Windows executable before long.last_img

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