Campaign and Website Encourage Nova Scotians to Drive Wiser

first_imgThe province is helping Nova Scotia drivers put the brakes on fuel consumption. Conserve Nova Scotia, the province’s energy-efficiency agency, is launching an information campaign today, Aug. 29, to promote the agency’s DriveWiser program and website. “Achieving energy efficiency on the road can save drivers up to 35 per cent on fuel,” said Bill Dooks, Minister responsible for Conserve Nova Scotia. “We’re encouraging drivers to make small changes that can lead to cash savings, reduced emissions, and cleaner air in our province.” The campaign will target Nova Scotia drivers through billboards, and French and English radio advertisements. Conserve Nova Scotia is also partnering with the Retail Gasoline Dealers’ Association to distribute signs to service stations across the province. “We’re pleased to be partnering with Conserve Nova Scotia to help deliver this important message about conservation to Nova Scotians,” said Graham Conrad, executive director of the Retail Gasoline Dealers’ Association. “When drivers stop by service stations in the province for a fill up or a tune up, they are also learning ways to reduce their fuel consumption.” The campaign will focus on proper vehicle maintenance, driving the speed limit to save fuel and anti-idling. In Nova Scotia, about 90 per cent of households own or lease at least one vehicle. Nova Scotians also drive more kilometres in their vehicles than any other province. The national average is 16,000 kilometres per year while Nova Scotians drive about 17,500 kilometres per year. For DriveWiser program co-ordinator Gina Patterson, these figures translate to a lot of air pollution and more fuel for Nova Scotians. “The DriveWiser website is a must-see for anyone who drives a car in Nova Scotia,” said Ms. Patterson. “This campaign and the new website will help drive home the message to Nova Scotians that there are ways to be a car owner and still be environmentally responsible.” The DriveWiser program is administered by Clean Nova Scotia, and funded by Conserve Nova Scotia. For more information on the campaign or the DriveWiser program, see the new website at .last_img

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