Q&A: Getting To Know Kansas State

first_imgWe got to catch up with the authority on Kansas State football in beat writer Kellis Robinett of the Kansas City Star and Wichita Eagle, who also gave us some good insight on Wildcat alum turned head Cowboy, Brad Underwood. Other good stuff includes the K-State fans crowned successor of Bill Snyder and where to eat in Manhattan.1. The Wizard of Manhattan is in full form with another game-controlling, ground pounding Wildcat team. What are your thoughts so far on this 2016 Wildcat team?K-State has been pretty much what I expected it to be this season. It is 4-0 at home and 1-3 on the road. The Wildcats should qualify for their seventh-straight bowl game. The final four games will decide how good that bowl game is.2. Offensively, the Wildcats are loaded with a mix of veteran players (Ertz, Charles Jones) that know Snyder’s schemes and talent (Pringle, Silmon), to go with a developing offensive line. What are some of the keys to the 2016 Wildcat offense?The offensive line has played well, and the running backs have been above average. K-State’s offensive success seems tied to the passing game. When Jesse Ertz completes the majority of his throws, it can consistently move the chains. When he doesn’t, things break down.3. K-State leads college football in red zone scoring, to what do you attribute such great consistency inside the 20 yard line?K-State’s offense is built around short gains that take a lot of time off the clock. Those are ideal in the red zone. The Wildcats also have a good kicker in Matthew McCrane.4. This defensive unit has leads the league against the run and has some All-B12 caliber players like Jordan Willis, Elijah Lee and Dante Barnett. What types of schemes/players have they been good at shutting down this year and what things have they struggled with?They have been great against the run (5th nationally) and woeful against the pass (107th). If you’re an opposing offensive coordinator, you want to throw as much as possible against the Wildcats.5. We’re familiar with some playmakers at K-State in quarterback Jesse Ertz and receiver Dominique Heath and speedy linebacker Elijah Lee and sack master Jordan Willis. Who are some other players likely to impact the game in big ways on Saturday that Cowboy fans may not have heard of or maybe who are the rising stars of this Wildcat team?Deante Burton, a senior receiver, has really come on strong in his past few games. He could make some big catches against Oklahoma State. On defense, D.J. Reed is solid at corner.6. For the Cowboy fans making their way up to the Little Apple this weekend, what would you recommend as must see sites and good places to dine?If you’re in Aggieville, the best eating spots are So Long Saloon (burgers), Taco Lucha (tacos) and Coco Bolo’s (mexican). Not far away on Poyntz, Bourbon and Baker is good. So is the Tallgrass Taphouse.7. Do you have any favorite Bill Snyder stories that you could share with us?If you’re interested in Snyder stories, this article should keep you entertained.8. While things seem to have died down on the expansion front, what do you gather to be the general sentiment from K-State fans on whether or not to expand and who they would like to add?I get the sense most K-State fans wanted to expand to 12 teams. Snyder certainly did. Not sure who they would have chosen as their two teams, though. No great choices, unless you can raid another power conference, which is why the league stayed at 10.9. Head Coach Bill Snyder is incredible to have in the conference and it will be a sad day when he finally calls it quits. From what you hear, who do K-State fans like to be his eventual replacement?K-State fans love them some Brent Venables.10. Last of all, Cowboy fans are ecstatic to have one of Manhattan’s favorite sons in Brad Underwood taking over the program. Do you have any stories or insights you could share with us about him or his coaching style?Brad is awesome. He played at K-State and then came back as an assistant under Frank Martin and did a tremendous job. I always gave him a ton of credit for the success those teams had. One story that sticks out in my mind is that he had some crazy record for consecutive free throws made at a little over 100, and he constantly challenged K-State players to break it.Well, one day Will Spradling made 124 straight at the practice gym and started to gloat about it. But Underwood turned it around on him, telling him he should have got to the round number of 125. Who stops at 124? He found a way to keep Spradling motivated.If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img

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