Glassdoor Breaks 100K and Keeps Getting Better

first_imgIt’s been awhile since we’ve done a product update (we’ve been caught up blogging about some of the economic news), but this week we pushed out a few product updates and I wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone the latest from the team.About a week ago we achieved a major Glassdoor milestone – we crossed the 100,000 mark for total approved reviews and salaries. That’s a BIG number to hit in just over 100 days since launch – and we have users in over 90 countries to thank for this success. It’s become more and more obvious that the need for transparency in the workplace knows no boundaries, so we will continue working hard for you.Thankfully with our “give-to-get” model, it should get easier and easier. It may not be obvious, but this big number is just the beginning. With our “give-to-get” model, the more we have to offer new users, the more likely they are to post their own review or salary (and join our community). And so it goes – it’s a model that supports itself – so thanks everyone for helping us get that ball rolling.But that’s not the only thing that’s getting better. We continue to listen to your feedback, and this week we pushed out several new features that are worth noting. The most obvious of which is a new home page to help you find the most relevant reviews and salaries, but we also updated My Account to allow you to edit/remove your previous posts, and we’ve added the ever important “remember me” feature to our login page for those of you that keep forgetting your username or password.We also began laying the groundwork for a few other major improvements to search – so there’s lots more to come, hopefully we can get you to check back with us in the weeks and months ahead as we roll out these new features. And please keep sending your feedback – we’re listening.last_img

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