SOA: Back from the Dead?

first_imgFour months ago the Burton group declared SOA dead and the analyst and blogger communities chimed in with agreement. Now Gartner disagrees. Or at least they characterize SOA not as dead, but as recovering from a “trough of disillusionment” and now entering into the “slope of enlightenment” phase. It was a quick blip of disillusionment.Gartner sees mainstream companies as continuing to increase their adoption of SOA. But the reason for their adoption is that so many vendor products have been retooled to be positioned and as targeted as SOA-ready. Customers of new software are getting SOA even though they may not have consciously decided to take the SOA leap. Maybe Burton Group was still right — they pronounced SOA dead as a business initiative, but one that would live on as a viable IT architecture.Gartner predicts that more companies will be using SOA whether they are planned or not. And they predict of the companies that do, the ones that have failures will be as a result of not complementing their SOA initiative with an adequate policy around governance.last_img

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