The province’s private investment growth from negative to positive

this year, in the face of private investment in the new situation of negative growth, the relevant departments of the province to act quickly, the difficulties, the introduction of intensive policy measures, go all out to promote private investment. Through unremitting efforts, 1 to September, the province’s private investment completed 91 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 4% over the same period last year, the growth rate of 9.8 percentage points higher than the first quarter and the first half were higher 20.6 and 17.8 percentage points from July last year to August this year, 14 consecutive months of negative growth, to achieve a "rebound, from negative positive". read more


Provincial and municipal quality supervision and then put a heavy blow to crack down on black produc

June 18th, provincial and municipal quality and Technical Supervision Bureau relevant leaders to Xining Tongwei bean products Co. Ltd. issued the first soy products "I QS" certification of production license, the end of our province soybean industry no "QS" mark of history, began resolutely combat and eliminate the gun black bean workshop special rectification "".

bean products is an indispensable food on the table, but for a long time, the traditional form of workshops on the quality and safety of bean products left a hidden danger." The chief of the Xining Municipal Bureau of quality supervision of food production supervision department Zhou Peixin said that although Xining has 50 bean products processing workshop hold relevant certificates and license, but these companies are mostly family based workshop production management, there is a small scale, poor sanitation, poor environment, the quality of employees is not high, resulting in Xining city the overall quality of the low qualified rate of bean products. read more


Transportation and communications spending increased by 1.36 times in five years

In recent years, with the car into ordinary people’s homes, private cars to become the main driving force of urban residents per capita traffic and communications spending. Reporters from the National Bureau of statistics, Xining investigation team was informed that in 2013 the city’s per capita transportation and communications spending 1826.26 yuan, and in 2008, an increase of 1.36 times, an average annual growth of 18.8%, the highest increase in the consumption of the first.

– traffic and communication spending growth in the first place. At present, the residents of the city will further enhance the willingness of automobile consumption, automobile consumption has become a new bright spot of household consumption. Information consumption has become an indispensable part of people’s daily life. Driven by the above factors, five years of urban residents per capita traffic and communications spending grew by an average of 18.8%.

– equipment expenditure growth in second. 2013 household equipment and services per capita spending 1041.32 yuan, compared with 2008, an increase of 94.5%, an average annual growth of 14.2%. The main reason for the increase in the cost of equipment services such as: residents of the quality of life requirements continue to improve, in the daily necessities, interior decoration on the pursuit of more convenient and comfortable. In recent years, the degree of social labor in our city to further improve some housework, housework such as family regular cleaning, household appliances cleaning and maintenance are made by domestic companies do, family service gradually into thousands of households.

– food consumption gradually turned to socialization. 2013 residents per capita food expenditure 5333.19 yuan, compared with 2008, an increase of 56.3%, an average annual growth of 9.3%. Residents in the consumption of food gradually shifted from the household consumption patterns of socialization, food and beverage consumption from the price of the main choice of price, taste, culture and service comprehensive selection.

– the pursuit of a comfortable living expenses. 2013 residents per capita living expenses 1273.36 yuan, compared with 2008, an increase of 53.9%, an average annual growth of 9%. Young people for the first time, the purchase of second suites and other factors so that residents of housing investment increased year by year. Affected by the demand for housing decoration, the rapid development of building decoration materials market, and gradually become scale.  
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Qilian West Road community elderly day care center official operation

careful guidance in support of the district government, the District Civil Affairs Bureau and Chaoyang Street office, Qilian Road West community elderly day care center was officially launched, the community on the morning of June 15, 2012 10 in the silver district court held the opening ceremony. To attend the opening ceremony of the leadership of Party History Research Office of the Ministry of municipal organization Zhang Guoyun, North District Deputy Secretary Li Xinrong, director of the North District Civil Affairs Bureau Gou Fujun, Chaoyang Street Party committee secretary Chen Wenqin, at the ceremony, the Party branch secretary of the community neighborhood committee director Tuo Suzhen Torre station for the opening speech, director Gou Fujun made a speech to guide.
the community elderly day care center area of 125 square meters, with nine beds, a configuration of various books, mahjong, chess and other entertainment facilities, where older people can eat delicious meals, can also participate in various cultural and recreational activities, feel the warmth of family and care, elderly day care center can solve some elderly people to take care of the elderly because of their problems, but also meet the elderly day care demand.
dedicated services for the elderly is a community service center for the purpose, area of the elderly have a sense of security, medicine, worthiness, learning and be happy happy old age is a community service center of the target, in the efforts of the party and the government leadership, the help of the community and community workers, elderly day care center will gradually grow. read more