How to promote your website on the website promotion

a website to be famous, I am afraid speculation is indispensable. This is also one of the most economical ways to save advertising costs. Many people are very disgusted with the hype. But a website wants to know quickly and wants to do the most with the least amount of money. I think hype is the best way.

and I’m full of tragic history — sister without any children, under the site of speculation now the results are very good, mainly is the domain name and the name of the site is good, a lot of female users of "sister Nan" are interested in, it is extremely easy to remember domain name www.zizinan.com. read more


Fast pushing network Webmaster talk about registered CN domain name

I remember a skit. It was Guo Donglin’s performance. I can’t remember what the exact sketch is. But one line I remember very well, "impulse is the devil."". So, why does today’s Twitter call "impulse is the devil"? I’ll talk about my feelings about my registration of.CN domain names. This article only stands for the idea of speed nets, not for the opinions of others.

to tell you the truth, the webmaster is not a domain name business, and I don’t have the ability to buy or resell domain names. Just a small book division of the webmaster, register a domain name to do a web site. That is, a carrot, a pit like that. Unlike those economically minded owners and rice farmers registered as a lot of domain name in there, waiting for the appreciation of fare sold. As for the exact amount of profit they make, I don’t know, nor do I want to know, because the more I know, the more I think. Of course, I was also these network reports and some webmaster soft Wen nurtured, said a vernacular, that is, washed brain. (I dare say, not just me). Under this kind of impact, I don’t think there are only one domain name in the hands of several webmaster. At least, there are three or four domain names. read more


The construction site how much money you have free space

if you are a beginner, please look at the following and ask the old man to make a detour. Thank you.

to build their own websites easily, but free is very difficult, because now most of the free space shortcomings: poor stability, less service, Business Hours short, small space, FTP permission, the majority of advertising. Simply not up to the requirements of their own, so only a year spend hundreds of dollars to hire their own a space. You can build your.


DIY has become fashionable today. Have you ever thought about DIY (building a website of yourself) or owning one or more self selected domain names (email addresses) read more


Talking about how to enter the white list

MIIT 16 launched the strengthening of domain name registration management special rectification action requirements, China’s domain name holders will implement a blacklist system, that is closed website domain name holder blacklisted.

it is understood that all blacklisted websites include four categories: not to obtain the "permit" network cultural business novels, games and other types of sites; without the "Internet electronic bulletin service license" forum, chat room, message boards and other types of sites; without the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit" the network audio, film and other types of sites; in addition, the game plug-in, the spread of viruses, hackers, video, BT download website etc.. read more


When the webmaster do T, you are the future billionaire, when the webmaster do not do T, you are j

is to work for a living site long and want to do webmaster friends, if you are already a day into gold, please pass the

first take a look at the top 2007 in the list of China’s five richest people:

1. Chen Tianqiao family

assets: $15 billion, currently engaged in network

2. Wong Kwong Yu

assets: $15 billion, currently engaged in network

3. Larry Yung Chi Kin

assets: $9 billion 400 million, currently engaged in real estate

4. Lu Guanqiu family

assets: $7 billion 500 million, currently engaged in automotive read more


Stationmaster lonely, who knows the most empty occupation

webmaster, I dare not say one hundred percent, but at least half of the station did not profit. Work hard in money, and communicate in people. Ask one, the webmaster, you tired? Earn money to say, do not earn it? Think of their own mobile life, a minute, an hour, a day, a month…… We go round and round with their webmaster career, management, maintenance, engage in popularity, make money, pull business. Who did this? But when you really get to that point may perhaps meager income, you have to consider your own life, you have lost love, for money, for a living, perhaps for love, however, when you get these hard income, their mechanical work, and some what? Lost too much, for the money, you lose your friends and happiness, lost in the ocean to cultivate art, lost opportunity to bond with your family. read more


New ways of developing industry websites in the future

full range of opening, large-scale investment, is now a new route of Internet development, and to represent the general trend of regional economic integration, is to seize the initiative, strive for active area, the only way which must be passed to accelerate the development of. At present, the IT industry increasingly fierce economic competition, to achieve leapfrog development, only to seize a direction of development, to seek new development line expansion, try to better guide business projects, more market advantage, update. read more


Simple talk about PHP open source, CMS and other mainstream systems

simple to write their own used PHP, CMS and other open source system of feelings,


, write down Kang Sheng’s first, the proportion is bigger,


1:discuz SUPSITE UHOME the 3 systems should be the most used Kangsheng company, especially discuz almost is a sign of the WEB2.0 era, I do forum required procedures, speed and stability are very good, especially the safety completely assured. The supsite DZ is compared with the user less, can not completely become CMS! And Kang Sheng development direction, my website Wucheng information port http://s.dzwc.com is to use SS feel good. UHOME how do you say? SNS era almost on behalf of the program, it was counted, every 10 SNS sites, 9.8 of the UHOME to do the feeling is good. read more


Talk about grassroots webmaster do real estate kind of Web site that thing

in China, the word "real estate" can be said to make people nervous. The reason is very simple, it is countless people to target; it makes millions of Chinese people have the superiority complex; it makes many people lost; it is a pillar industry in the national economy China. The mention of real estate, in addition we expect the world countless slaves, and the other end is thought of is a group of nouveau riche are generally two; thinking extreme, either for a suite of the bottom people lifelong struggle, or is in the top of the real estate developers. When it comes to the Internet, the real estate as a pillar of the national economy, of course, it is indispensable. read more


The weather in winter on the plight of the webmaster

The first snow of 2010

coming in so cold north. Late at 2:23, how can I sleep?. Just because my dreams seem to fail again,

, I am a webmaster of a novel station, an old novice. But I have an ideal. Insist on doing your own novel station! This station is bought! Because of personal technical reasons, so I cherish this station! We all know. The novel is not easy to do, for a large space, huge resources, easy to flat-share a server in Guangdong, and because the same room site with illegal information, disconnection, the whole room was completely paralyzed! In order not to let the station my little traffic loss, reluctantly rented server which wanted! Good times don’t last long. Before 5 days, will be sealed network. I fear, the so-called vulgar information! Some vulgar, just from the online collection of novel words may be some explicit! I have to admit I did not view the article carefully! But without any notice of the supervisor in advance under the force of 80 port shield my station! Let me tears read more