The nternet still creates legends, and you might be the next focus

has just stepped into the Internet, and I’m constantly learning to gradually hold a little knowledge of how insignificant that knowledge looks. Love is the network successful person experience, every time it seems, like reading novels, often feel that these stories do not in themselves, feel more simple and naive in this respect.

every time after reading, their feelings are very deep, but also deeply with their own reality, find reasons, learn the direction of development of the network, learning network knowledge. From the first local station, to the present small game station, picture station, all in groping study. Now I feel do stand is a commercial road network development, everyone desperately looking for a IP, see the traffic sources, find a way of network promotion, the importance we are also deeply aware of the flow, and to affect the site’s ranking, ranking as a personal webmaster, few can do, a few can do well. As far as the situation is concerned, the purpose of all this is for a noun, advertisement. The development of entertainment websites depends entirely on the support of advertising. As an advertisement for every webmaster in a network alliance, commercial websites are not mentioned here. He is an advertisement in his own right. read more


The new station was included in Baidu have pity on

July 28, 2008 is an unforgettable day of my life and will go down in history as well as all other memorable events.

today is Monday. I came to the company and used to enter site:www.xcc518.com in the Baidu search box. Amazing pop-up links to our company’s Web site. The site was finally included by Baidu! I almost shouted out excitedly. I’ve also entered a snack bar, a smokeless barbecue truck and a snack bar in the search box, and found the top three pages in Baidu.


finally have pity on! Insiders said Baidu on the website more stringent requirements. What’s more, our company’s Web site is a static page. When I first took over the website, I knew it was tough, but I stuck to it. After the time is updated every day, and the manager’s nagging womanishly fussy optimization. read more


What do you need to deal with red wine franchise

red wine stores need to deal with what documents? Follow China’s wine market development of these years, many people have chosen to open the wine so, you need to handle documents how long can you do? Now many investors choose investment projects are not involved in the field, therefore, to understand the related matters are not comprehensive, so, want to open the red hotel man, this is to look at the process of the shop permit, make a reference for you!

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Open high-end jewelry store case sharing

jewelry store on the market are mostly low consumption, a few dollars can buy a jewelry. There will be few high-end jewelry brand, but now the times are different, different needs, business ideas should also change. How to open high-end jewelry store? Let’s take a look at the success stories!

from and sell clothing to exclusive jewelry

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