Website optimization excessive you need to pay attention to the daily operation details analysis

second, the website chain optimization over the site right down. We know that the chain is to enhance the website keywords correlation and page weight is very important, but many owners in order to optimize the optimization, especially do a lot of internal links in the content page, the user experience of reading directly lead to declining problems. As a result, it is self-evident right down the website or will appear in the top of his head, the author suggested that the chain must be based on the stand in for the user and search engine services, mainly for the user to find more relevant information, to provide access to the search engine grab more relevant content, so in the process of optimizing the content the use of 1-2, a strong correlation between the anchor text links to related page, the chain must pay attention to the nature and degree of correlation, this high quality is the chain can effectively improve the inside pages of keywords ranking, we must pay attention to about 1000 words. The maximum not more than three chain, otherwise reduce the user experience of reading. read more


Unlock the Veil search root searching right down

generally, a black hat Optimization Website without the right to be reduced, the reason is likely to lead in a recent operation. And the reason is usually expressed in "one week" operation.

search engine drop right is not without any warning, in fact any change radically down the right to have a right or a precursor. For example, the website is right, but the page ranking do not change, it is the performance included significantly faster, the long tail word flow more and more spiders grow with each passing day, visit the. What were the site will be down the right performance? The first snapshot of a serious correction (the website is not in a batch update back). Second: the chain volume reduce and reduce (a day to reduce the dozens of the chain is normal, but if the day reduced dozens, hundreds were removed, then it must be right down performance). Third: the page is not included (is to be done right down processing site, the inside pages basically in a short period of time is not included, this time at least 6 hours or more). Fourth: the long tail word ranking key word (such as by this point love love Shanghai station weight query tools such as query, the result is obviously). These is the site will be down the right, if the site is down right is in the primary key serious fall ranking, not a trace of the way to fly. read more


Bing webmaster tools now YAHOO traffic data integration

August 26th report: according to foreign media reports, Bing webmaster team announced on its official blog recently, the webmaster tools has been fully integrated with the flow of data from Yahoo, now Bing webmaster tools can show the integration of data from YAHOO in some areas and report, users only need to visit their own you can find this change account.

in order to integrate data with a visual reminder signs, users will be able to display on these pages on the chart directly see Bing and Yahoo. At present, Bing webmaster tools to support 42 languages. Although there may be many webmaster in addition to the integration of data, also hope to see the contrast between Bing and Yahoo data separately, but this function is still not implemented in the current. (Cnpda) read more


2016 2017 Shanghai love love Shanghai algorithm summary how to deal with the Shanghai Dragon

following a brief introduction, and puts forward some suggestions:

review we first look at the love Shanghai official 2016 6 algorithm.

is also a source of timeliness of news of the clear blue sky, blue sky blue sky algorithm algorithm came into being; the news hit the source site, the soft selling behavior directory. This algorithm calls the strongest efforts of the world, for the problem of site from grab end, show the end of serial punishment, on the sale of soft paper, directory behavior without mercy. read more


How to Search ask the chain released stable

link, is a team left the name of the audit or comparative advantages, after all, feel left behind the name is a team name, this is the beginning of the audit staff to give a good impression, feeling more persuasive.

third, answer to targeted

Soso Ask the advantages of existing posted on the link: on the one hand, I personally see come up from ask flow, this is no doubt; on the other hand, the number of links is to ask the published, I can find in Shanghai love search, at least that is included in the search for love in Shanghai the link address, to increase his collection is no doubt. read more