One stone arouses layer upon layer of wave (1) why is domain name market so popular

Web2.0’s arrival, the Internet entered into the period of development in the limelight, domain name investment is a lot of professional speculators preferred. A lot of work in the domain name speculation minon day to seek profits, or for the night. However, sitting in her house money after all or a few, large companies to sell dollars example is very rare. Then what causes the domain name market to be so hot, is it just the trend of the Internet development? What is it? A stone has aroused thousands of waves, the domain name investment can also go far, and it is a problem which is resistant to speculation. read more


Some operational experience at Taobao stores three months to comment


passenger rise in 09 years, because of the factors of high stability, high income, good reputation, promote diversity and low threshold, so far the new or old webmaster favorite Wangzhuan one, but in 10 years and 11 years in the past two years, due to Baidu API Taobao station point in most combat, Taobao API station friend moved navigation, a single page of Taobao guest website.

before, the author is also doing a single page, but because the competition is too intense, coupled with the author’s SEO knowledge is not as good as their advanced, so I finally chose to abandon the promotion of Taobao customers single page. But think of the huge Taobao cake, you have to bite a little bit of it, but also suffer from no good ideas and website case. Later in a QQ group met a man, he also made Taobao off, talking to him, I got inspiration (in this specific conversation is not to write out) decided to build a Taobao store comment. read more