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the website I went in to see the point, in fact, is a website, just using the N domain to bind this one station only, and not what special. I remember many years ago, using this method, a lot of people, but it would not do so. A single site, each domain name included, outside the chain, including the site itself is not that special, except title, description, keywords page three labels all the keywords stack, in addition to the few, still generator label stack keywords.

How much is his ?This example illustrates the read more


How to use blog promotion website weight


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blog content is as high quality original content, this is not only conducive to included, but also conducive to reading, and this article will get search engine ranking. To improve reading and attention, blog traffic. So you can quickly upgrade the level of the blog.

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then upload blog avatar, simple blog URL settings (personalized domain name), and as much as possible to improve the blog data and tends to be true. Because our blog is long-term development, it is essential to do this. read more


How to optimize the site from the perspective of user experience and website visitor data analysis

(1) update: not every day to keep updating the content even if the completion of work. Need to consider updating what kind of content to attract others, which need to update the content to attract old visitors. The attractive topic, need strong correlation and a hot topic of discussion, interactive setting etc..

[1] new and old visitor data comparison

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(2): update update location content also need to pay attention to the recommended position. The latest popular recommendation, recommendation, related topics and related links etc.. read more


Liu Dan do you need a sustainable Shanghai dragon to solve these problems

often encounter some peer friends, jubilant about how to do a website, how to make Shanghai the dragon, but talked without exception they will feel very confused, because for a period of time will feel some difficult problems persist, too much, which is obviously not so easy to solve. I said so I use a word to guide them, to be sustainable in Shanghai dragon.

a lot of people operating the information website, every day very hard copy paste articles everywhere, blindly and his CTRL key to. But eventually regret that the content included rate is very low, the ranking is also very poor. Want to do the so-called pseudo original it, but as we all know, the kind of pseudo original software use keywords to replace the way, and finally make the gods Lao Tzu can not read, no readability, this article on a web site, the user experience is poor are to be expected. But the webmaster will say, manual to completely pseudo original, efficiency. read more


How to choose the network company of Shanghai Dragon Staff

Make a contribution for the company

into the company’s goal is what

of course it is relative, not absolute, many large companies also respect the choice of personnel, but in general the two.

technology where mixing is the same, but sometimes people coexist with luck and opportunity, does not rule out some technical niubable man mix is not how, all may only be temporary, but the opportunity once missed, it was too late for regrets, for staff to Shanghai dragon which companies a better chance. 1, entrepreneurial companies?. Entrepreneurial companies started hard, if you go early, can with the company when the company grows up through the groundless talk, and you share the company’s first get a space for one person, so far, entrepreneurial companies the opportunity is much larger than those of large companies, but also the learning and training opportunities may be more. 2, and company. When the most difficult of a company, you saved it, it is the biggest contribution for them, for example, some companies have the talent loss remedy you, can bring an own strength for the company, the boss will give you a good chance. read more