Overseas shopping rebate South Korea has opened Alipay available

Abstract: Alipay recently officially launched overseas shopping rebate services, currently South Korea has launched the first tax rebate, the fastest 7 working days to be remitted to the consumer Alipay account, the service is expected next year will be gradually extended to Singapore, such as the European union. According to statistics, in 2012 there are nearly half of Chinese tourists in the overseas shopping without a tax rebate, the amount of money saved only in the EU area up to 800 million yuan. read more


Lang Xianping to embrace the nternet Book Dangdang exclusive debut


does not get rid of the old system, the reform will only lead to worse; in the new norm, Chinese economy will usher in a golden ten years." What is the old system, attracted China finance first Oprah Lang Xianping and so Tucao? What is the new normal, so he can make high hopes for


February 12th, Lang Xianping’s latest film "Lang Xianping said: the old system Chinese economy and the new normal" electronic version of the exclusive release in Dangdang, this is the first time for Lang Xianping to choose the way of electric synchronous release book paper. read more


After the acquisition of eBay eBay TOM where to go

The current news that the two mergers or acquisitions have a positive answer. Let a person more imagination is: after the acquisition of eBay eBay TOM where to go?

TOM online in the third quarter total revenue of $38 million 950 thousand, net profit of $5 million 280 thousand. Net profit of $5 million 280 thousand, down 55.1% over the previous quarter, down from last year’s 59%.

TOM online trust China Mobile operators in the future strategy will, is to carry out closer cooperation with a large SP including TOM online, rather than as before in the mobile as they do alone, or with hundreds of partners. read more


Voice business on the phone hot market, profitability difficult, entrepreneurs can hold on how long

radio this traditional form of media, is the popularity of smart phones usher in a new. The problem is, in the market is not mature, the profit model is not clear now, these all entrepreneurs, how long can


text / Miao Miao

The new

studio in Beijing Apple community B block 15 layer, founder Shi Kaiwen every day after work will be adopted in the new kitten with Simba leisurely play the guitar. In this style of Bauhaus design studio, Shi Kai paper began his fifth venture. Unlike the previous four, this time Shi Kaiwen will no longer touch the voice business". read more


Traveler network off from bondage to the Tencent investment Lei Jun 6 years of hard work

Chinese Internet is curious and changeful, as changeable as clouds and rain, people find opportunities in which turned the upstart, some people lost in the spotlight where how many ups and downs of the story.

2004, on behalf of CNETChina on acquisition of hummingbird network, when Party A.

2008, I took the angel investment founder Lei Jun traveler network, when Party B.

2011, I put my own traveler network sold to Tencent, when the C.

in 2014, in the big adjustment of the Tencent electricity supplier, I travel in the management of Tencent business, Tencent investment as the same way with the conditions attached to the same process, when Ding fang. read more


99 new year promotional Bookstore


99 online bookstore promotion started! Spring super coupon: over 119 yuan to send 39 yuan

activity time: January 24, 2008 to

activity rules:

1, the amount of the purchase amount of $119 to reduce the order of $8.8.

2, also receive 9.9 yuan 1 and 20 yuan coupons general gift coupons 1.

3, general 9.9 yuan coupons over 119 yuan deductible 20 yuan, with 100 yuan gift vouchers deductible (buy gift orders may have books and other products, but must meet the gift shopping amounted to 100 yuan). read more


Make the use of local small Skynet earn thousand different days

do GG know if it is to do a foreign language station, then click on the price is very high, is a few times or even a few times a click, a click over a few dollars a lot. Site is not difficult to do, but it is difficult in the promotion and publicity, if you are a SEO expert, do this good. But the domestic SEO skills in foreign countries are not all generic, but also to learn the foreign SEO technology.

in addition to SEO, in fact, can do the same as the bulk of the domestic propaganda, but it is necessary to understand some foreign language, or difficult to engage in. Because the tools and web sites are foreign. You can also do a lot of foreign mail, in the United States, mail group is a legitimate industry, there is a special opening of the studio to do a group of foreigners, the day is the amount of millions of millions of hair. Do bulk sales of products is not very good, but it is still very strong click. read more


A 90 entrepreneurs readme four lessons three stooges, can’t be Zhu Geliang

in the impetuous Internet circles, successful entrepreneurial experience of entrepreneurs is not completely useless, but they are still in business on the road will inevitably encounter a variety of problems, positioning is likely to be ahead of the game. Based on human beings, to solve the problem of survival, team problems, the choice of four investors is also the problem of more than 95% entrepreneurs will encounter the problem of 99%.


is a 90, in the Internet business on this road has spent more than 3 years, will usually see some of the so-called CXO network this network that CXO wrote the article in the online business, I admit there are a useful experience to write out the good, but the most I don’t know how to write. In this impetuous Internet circle, everyone wants to succeed, the so-called successful writing experience, and then find the eggs. However, there are always a few key steps on this road, you are not positioning, will advance out. I assure you that the following are the experiences I have personally experienced, both at great cost. read more