‘Ozil and Alexis should be shown the door’

first_imgTransfers Ozil and Alexis would have been ‘shown the door’ by great Arsenal sides, says Dixon Chris Burton Last updated 2 years ago 17:59 11/9/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Arsene Wenger, Arsenal, 17/18 Getty Images Transfers Arsenal Premier League Mesut Özil A. Sánchez The former Gunners defender says the contract rebels would not have lasted long within the ranks of title-chasing teams of the past in north London Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez would have been “shown the door” had they formed part of great Arsenal teams of the past, says Lee Dixon.Both men continue to provide an unwelcome distraction at Emirates Stadium, with their respective contracts running down.Arsenal 6/1 favs to win EL Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player With neither having committed to fresh terms, speculation regarding their future continues to rumble on – with Sanchez still being heavily linked with Manchester City while Ozil is mooted as a possible January target for United.Dixon believes Arsene Wenger should now be looking to move any disruptive influences out, with title-chasing teams throughout Arsenal’s history having shown that no player can be allowed to think that they are more important than the club.A man who captured top-flight crowns with the Gunners under George Graham and Wenger told PA Sport: “We’d have just shown them the door. ‘If you don’t want to play, then go.’ That’s not changed.Lee Dixon Mesut Ozil Alexis Sanchez Arsenal shown door“If a player doesn’t want to play for you … it happened with Michael Thomas 18 months after he scored [the title-winning goal against Liverpool] in ’89, he was in dispute with the club or George about money. He ended up going in similar circumstances and signing with Liverpool.“It’s no different. If a player doesn’t want to stay somewhere, yes, agents and players manipulate situations – and clubs do, in order to get the best deal for the parties concerned – but in general, if you don’t want to go there, and you don’t want to stay, then you will be ousted from the environment and dressing room pretty quickly.“Players work out whether you want to be there or not, and certainly fans do when they see your performances on the pitch.”Another former Gunner, Alan Smith, has also questioned Arsenal’s handling of Ozil and Alexis, with big money having been turned down for the latter during the summer transfer window.He added: “If somebody doesn’t want to be there and wants to wind their contract down, that’s within their right.“It’s up to the manager then and how he handles that.“Arsenal have a track record of allowing players to run down contracts, and these two are going to be the biggest examples. They could have got £60 million for Alexis Sanchez; Arsene and the club turned it down.“Ozil’s a slightly different kettle of fish but it might well be that they do lose those two players. I’d be more concerned about Sanchez going than Ozil.”last_img read more


Unfiltered: 4 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Coffee Grinder

first_img Surf Legend Laird Hamilton Has His Own Natural Supplement Brand 7 Best Travel Coffee Mugs for Morning Joe To Go 5 Most Expensive Coffees in the World 15 Best Subscription Boxes for Men Who Love Gifts Unfiltered – a monthly column by coffee expert Sam Mylrea of CoffeeKind.com on what’s brewing in that world.The coffee grinder is arguably the most important component of your home barista arsenal.  Ask any coffee professional on how to improve your coffee game and they’ll talk to you about grinders. But where to start? There’s a never-ending supply of information out there. We’re here to arm you with the most important tips so you can find the grinder best suited for your needs.Having a decent grinder is one of the easiest ways to control your coffee’s taste quality. Stores offer two kinds: blade and burr. The blade coffee grinders are often cheaper in price than burr grinders, but you sacrifice in even ground production. A blade grinder is reminiscent of someone taking a machete to a piece of raw meat and blindly chopping it to various sizes. Just like how those randomly sized pieces wouldn’t grill evenly and at the same rate, the coffee grounds won’t extract evenly.Here are some key questions to ask yourself when considering a coffee grinder purchase:1) How often do I drink coffee?If you drink coffee every day, then a grinder purchase would be in your favor. If you drink coffee once a month, this might not be worth the investment.2) How fresh are the beans that I’m buying?One of the most compelling reasons to buy a grinder is so you can grind fresh. If you buy coffee that has been sitting on the supermarket shelves for three months, chances are that a grinder won’t significantly affect the taste quality of your coffee. If freshness is important to you (and here at Coffee Kind, we do believe that fresh coffee has a distinctly different taste than 3-month old coffee), then the coffee grinder will only enhance the resulting cup’s taste quality.3) How much am I willing to spend?As we mentioned earlier, blade grinders are considerably cheaper. However, if you’re willing to do some manual labor, some hand grinders like the Hario Mini Mill come in as low as $33. The cheaper manual burr grinders use ceramic burrs, which can wear down more easily than steel burrs. But if you’re just trying out a burr grinder, ceramic burrs will work out just fine for you.4) What method am I using to make coffee at home?Your coffee grinder should be tailored to your needs. For the majority of home baristas, you’ll need a grinder that can produce coarse and medium grinds equally well. If you are lucky enough to own an espresso machine, a grinder built for espresso is worth looking into. One of our favorite manufacturers for automatic grinders is Baratza– they provide a wide-range of quality grinders with excellent prices & customer support.Once you’ve purchased a coffee grinder, here are some quick tips on maintenance and overall coffee taste:-Clean regularly. If you make a daily cup, clean at least once a month.-Use grinder-friendly cleaning products. If you have ceramic burrs, gentle soap and air drying will work. If you have steel burrs, purchase a grinder-cleaning product, like Urnex’s Full Circle Cleaning Tablets, that will soak up the coffee oils.-Use the correct grind for your coffee brewer. Too coarse of a grind in espresso will result in a watery cup while too fine of grinds may back-clog your machine. Our handy grind chart will help you with the correct grind size for your brewer. Editors’ Recommendations The Best CBD Coffee Brands for Energy Without the Jitters last_img read more


Port of Hastings Sets the Stage for Container Expansion …

first_imgzoom Detailed environmental and planning studies for the Port of Hastings container expansion will soon be underway with specialist consultants now appointed.KEY PLANNING STAGESMinister for Ports David Hodgett announced the milestone last week after a six month procurement period to ensure the right contractors were on board to develop the business case, and complete detailed environmental studies over the next three to four years.“The appointment of the five specialist study consultants demonstrates the highly detailed and comprehensive approach the Port of Hastings Development Authority is undertaking with the planning of the container expansion,” Mr Hodgett said. “The Port of Hastings container expansion is a priority for the Victorian Coalition Government and a project of national significance. A full assessment of the project in key areas such as port planning and design and environment will soon be underway to see this important development progressed.”The specialist consultants selected are:Aecom + GHD Joint Venture – Port planning and engineering;Aecom + GHD Joint Venture – Environment and social;Haskoning Australia – Hydrodynamics and dredge material management;URS Australia – Risk management;KPMG – Commercial and economic; andCorrs Chambers Westgarth – Legal services.Member for Hastings Neale Burgess said this was a major milestone for the project and is great news for the region.“The Port of Hastings will provide direct and indirect employment opportunities for the surrounding area and wider south east region both in the development stages and later when the port is operational.“The expanded port will also stimulate investment in industry throughout the south east of Victoria and provide substantial economic flow-on benefits for the rest of Victoria,” Mr Burgess said.Port of Hastings Development Authority CEO Mike Lean welcomed the appointments and said he is confident the Authority will be well advised and supported during feasibility planning over the coming years.“We have assembled an expert team of people and I am confident that exceptional results will be produced in the coming years. Each of our specialist consultants are highly regarded within their respective industries for their extensive experience and ability to provide high quality service,” Mr Lean said.The specialist consultants will commence work to plan for the next three years of studies which will aid the Authority in producing a business case and seeking the necessary state and federal planning approvals.Port of Hastings, April 23, 2014last_img read more


More than numbers

first_imgWhile the Central government can have small departments under the Concurrent List to coordinate with the states, there is no need to have large independent ministries in some areas to add to the paper work, legal interpretation and conflicts, in the process, making governance suffer If Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a choice he may not like to expand the current size of his Council of Ministers to keep the government truly slim and trim to deliver maximum governance. The present 58-member Council of Ministers, including the Prime Minister, is bigger than the one he had at the start of his previous term. In 2014, Modi was sworn in with an initial Council of 46 ministers, including himself. Yet, before the end of the previous term, the NDA government had as many as 71 ministers, including the Prime Minister. Interestingly, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, in her budget speech, echoed the Prime Minister’s sentiment linking the size of the government with the standard of governance. Also Read – A special kind of bondHowever, the pressure may soon mount on Prime Minister Modi to expand his ministry for political reasons, keeping in mind BJP’s expansionist policies in states such as West Bengal, where it has some long way to cover to grab the power, and others like Bihar governed by BJP and its alliance partners. Legally, the Prime Minister can expand his Council of Ministers to have as many as 81 members. But, such an expansion will sizeably raise the government’s budget expenditure without any effective return. According to the Constitution of India, the total number of ministers in the Council of Ministers must not exceed 15 per cent of the total number of members of Lok Sabha. Unfortunately, such an expansion to maximise the size of the government is bound to minimise governance. Also Read – Insider threat managementThe most powerful ministerial arms of the Central government are: Home Affairs, External Affairs, Defence, Finance, Industry cum Company Affairs and International Trade or Commerce. Ideally, the Union government should focus mostly on these areas. Departments may be clubbed under a ministry wherever possible. For instance, the industry ministry may cover all industries, including coal, steel, power, petroleum and pharmaceuticals. All traffic and transport departments, including rail, road, air and shipping, can come under one ministry. In India’s federal system, the Union government shares power and responsibilities with state governments in a number of important areas under the Concurrent List. The Centre would do well to leave a good part of the administration under the Concurrent List with the states. The latter covers as many as 52 areas, including health, education, food and agriculture, police, criminal and civil laws, jurisdiction of powers of all courts, excluding the Supreme Court, weights and measures, industrial promotion, tourism, forests, water, labour disputes, price control, electricity generation and distribution. While the Central government can have small departments under the joint list to coordinate with the states, there is no need to have large independent ministries in these areas to add to the paperwork, legal interpretation and conflicts, in the process, making governance suffer. The Modi government may, at best, rearrange its ministries to accommodate a few more alliance members without expanding them. Some of BJP’s ministers may be shifted to important party functions to strengthen the organisation. Such BJP leaders should not feel left out or be unhappy. For instance, present Home Minister Amit Shah held no less an important function in the party as its president in the last five years. Similarly, former health minister J P Nadda’s hands may be full now as the national party’s working president. In the last election, BJP had won 303 seats, increasing its independent majority further, while the other NDA members won 50 seats. The latter must not ignore the ratio of the seat share while demanding more ministerial berths in the government. Political leaders must understand that to serve the people, they don’t have to be ministers. After all, no Union government can have more than 81 ministers under the present Lok Sabha strength to serve the country’s 1,300 million citizens. A smaller Council of Ministers means substantially lower expenditure on the government administration. The surplus funds may be deployed on development projects, which the country needs badly to push growth and create gainful employment. On Prime Minister Modi’s promise of “minimum government, maximum governance”, he had earlier clarified his position in a media interview that “Char-Dhams are said to be sufficient for moksha, but files cannot redeem themselves even after passing through 32 places in government. I had to change this. You will be surprised to know that files reach me after just four to six stops in between. Cabinet notes used to take six months earlier. It takes 15 days now. Minutes of the meeting would be sent to me six months later for my signature. What nonsense! Now it is a rule that minutes should be approved within 15 days of the meeting. This is governance. This saves time and effort.” The spirit must be fully understood and respected by the party and its alliance members. The expansion of the government will only dilute the spirit. It is a general perception that the country has an oversized and bloated government which acts as a drag on economic efficiency and growth. Most political scientists and economists feel that large governments are bad for economic efficiency. However, there is little clarity on what the effective size of a government in a country. There is even less of a consensus on how the efficiency of a government should be measured. In general, most Indians believe that the Union government is too big and intrusive and should be downsized. In 2014, NDA led by Narendra Modi championed the slogan of “minimum government, maximum governance” to drive home the point of a small and lean government. Unfortunately, it failed to keep the promise. Now, this time, with even a bigger public mandate for BJP, the alliance leader, it may be the time for the Prime Minister to fulfil his ambition and set a trend for future governments in the country. (The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more


Haryana govt sets ambitious goal to reduce road accidents by 50

first_imgGururgam: Under vison zero, the Haryana government has set an ambitious target of reducing the number of road accidents by 50 percent. For this purpose, authorities here have begun taking steps and identifying dark spots in the city. According to an official survey, 75 percent of road accidents happen on national and state highways. The recent accident where a dumper rammed into an auto and killed five people was just a stark reminder of the challenges that lie in front of the authorities in dealing with such tragic mishaps. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderDespite 2,000 police officials being deployed on city roads to maintain safety and security of residents, the challenge remains with 1,075 road accidents being reported in 2018 alone, leading to 442 deaths. Even though the data was alarming, the figure was considerably lower than 2017, where a total of 1,400 road accidents had claimed 481 lives. According to officials, 17 dark spots have been identified by the Gurugram Traffic Police. These stretches are main routes that extend beyond Kherki Dhaual and include areas like Daruhera and Manesar. Besides, fast-moving vehicles which clock an average speed of up to 100 to 120 km/hour and the presence of heavy vehicles make this route treacherous for commuters. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsIt is estimated that two out of three accidents on the Delhi-Jaipur highway is caused by heavy vehicles. Various studies that have been conducted on the drivers have revealed that more than 50 percent of the truck drivers had poor eyesight. In what can be considered as one of the first strategic planning initiatives for an Indian metropolis, a Common Mobility Plan (CMP) has been put down for Gurugram. The CMP will be devised by the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority in collaboration with the School of Planning andAarchitecture (SPA). The CMP promises to be the most authoritative survey on Gurugram’s traffic challenges since 2009, when a similar study was conducted by Wilbur Smith Associates. So far, efforts to improve mobility in Gurugram have focused mainly on conditions of vehicular traffic and the CMP is expected to rectify this approach. According to an official, only 25 percent of the primary road network in Gurugram has usable pavements at the moment, which adversely affects the common man who does not rely on cars. At the moment, Gurugram has focused mainly on conditions of vehicular traffic and the CMP is expected to rectify this approach.last_img read more


On annual day for disaster reduction Annan calls for strategic response to

In his message on the Day, which is traditionally observed on the second Wednesday of October, Mr. Annan underscored the importance of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, which aims to limit the losses and suffering caused by these calamities. The Strategy calls on local communities to mobilize and urges governments to create and enforce strict building codes. Further, it seeks to exploit scientific and technical knowledge to devise responses that go beyond short-term humanitarian assistance.”United Nations agencies and their partners are strongly committed to carrying out this Strategy by bringing people and expertise together in the search for solutions,” the Secretary-General said. “It is within our power to join forces, address the immense complexities of disaster reduction, and build a world of resilient communities and nations equipped to counter the adverse impact of natural hazards and related environmental and technological disasters.”The President of the UN General Assembly, Han Seung-soo of the Republic of Korea, also emphasized the importance of implementing the Strategy, which, he pointed out, “aims to increase the resilience of all societies to effects of natural hazards and associated disasters, thus reducing vulnerability to such phenomena.”Mr. Han also called attention to the ongoing efforts to reduce natural disasters. “We may never be able to eradicate natural disasters altogether, but we can certainly make our common home – planet earth – more disaster-proof for the benefit of future generations.”According to the UN, incidences of natural disasters continued to increase over the past year. Powerful earthquakes struck India, El Salvador and Peru, while floods ravaged Africa and South Asia. Droughts continued to plague Afghanistan, Central America, and Sri Lanka, and volcanic activity has again struck Ecuador. read more


National security to become a top election issue finance minister

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email OTTAWA – Canada’s finance minister is saying publicly what political observers have long suspected: expect to hear the Conservatives talking a lot about national security in the upcoming election campaign.Joe Oliver told a conference Friday that the threat of terrorism at home and around the world has become a significant concern for Canadian voters — rivalling even the economy, a perennial favourite.Perhaps not coincidentally, Oliver’s remarks came on a day when terrorism was on the minds of Canadians, with RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson briefing MPs about the investigation into last year’s deadly attack on Parliament Hill.Oliver told his Ottawa audience that while pocketbook issues remain the top priority for Canadians, national security is a mounting concern.“The reality is there’s a war being conducted by international terrorists, by jihadist terrorists,” Oliver said in the question-and-answer session that followed his address to the Manning Centre networking event.“That’s an issue which you normally don’t think about in the context of an election, but it’s emerged as something that Canadians are concerned about.”Oliver later dismissed the notion that the government, always keen to burnish its fiscal credentials, would prefer these days to talk about terror threats and public safety than they would the hobbled Canadian economy.“I’m talking about the economy and I haven’t changed the message at all,” Oliver said following his appearance.“But when new facts or threats emerge, the government has a responsibility to respond to them and that’s what we’re doing.“It’s not my portfolio but others who have that responsibility are responding and the prime minister, of course, is talking about it. This is an issue of importance.”Oliver’s department, meanwhile, has been focused on another pressing matter: the negative economic impact of low oil prices.He delayed the release of the federal budget — April at the earliest, he says; it’s usually February — so his department could get a better handle on just how badly cheaper crude would hurt the economy.The delay has been beneficial, he acknowledged, because his team knows more now than it did a few months ago.“It’s getting closer, the date is getting closer,” said Oliver, who also refused to answer questions about what might be included in the budget.Oliver’s cabinet colleague, Defence Minister Jason Kenney, said the government was elected to focus on economic growth and jobs — subjects he stressed are the top priorities, and will be reflected in the upcoming federal budget.But Kenney said that doesn’t mean the government shouldn’t respond to threats against international and Canadian security such as those posed by the militant group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.“I think it’s obvious that the attacks in October were at least inspired by the insane vision of ISIL … a genocidal terrorist organization that has explicitly, and on several occasions, said that it’s targeting Canada,” he told The Canadian Press on the sidelines of the conference.Opinion polls suggest the Conservatives have enjoyed a bump in popular support following the October terror attacks in Quebec and Ottawa and after the government’s decision to send fighter jets to Iraq.The government also introduced a contentious anti-terrorism bill earlier this year and Prime Minister Stephen Harper has spent more and more time talking about the escalating threat, which he calls “violent jihadism.”Earlier this week, the Conservatives generated more controversy with a Facebook fundraising post that referenced a threat by the terror group Al-Shabab against the West Edmonton Mall. The post features a photo of a masked person wearing fatigues, complete with the mall’s logo, and a caption asking for support for the government’s proposed anti-terrorism legislation.Alberta Premier Jim Prentice, a former Harper cabinet minister, was asked Friday whether the Tories’ efforts to fundraise on the threat was appropriate.“I think that the concern to me as premier is to make sure the mall is safe,” said Prentice, who also appeared at the Ottawa conference.— with files from Jennifer DitchburnFollow @AndyBlatchford on Twitter by Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press Posted Mar 6, 2015 1:37 pm MDT National security to become a top election issue: finance minister read more


Kurnalpi drilling returns further highgrade nickelcobalt

first_imgMithril Resources Ltd advises that further high-grade nickel-cobalt mineralisation and multiple zones of disseminated nickel sulphide mineralisation have been intersected in its first drilling program at the 100%-owned Kurnalpi nickel-cobalt prospect (located 70 km north east of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia:12 m @ 0.54% Ni, 0.10% Co from 34 m in 18GDSRC004 including 4 m @ 0.70% Ni, 0.16% Co from 36 m12 m @ 0.69% Ni, 0.07% Co from 26 m in 18GDSRC003 including 4 m @ 0.86% Ni, 0.10% Co from 26 m.Drilling also intersects disseminated nickel sulphide mineralisation beneath the nickel-cobalt mineralisation which represents the first evidence for nickel sulphides at the prospect:36 m @ 0.57% Ni, 155ppb PGE from 26 m in 18GDSRC0024 m @ 0.62% Ni, 282ppb PGE from 142 m in 18GDSRC002Mithril’s Managing Director David Hutton said that the company was greatly encouraged by the initial “proof of concept” drilling results.“The intersection of further near surface high-grade nickel-cobalt mineralisation and recognition of nickel sulphides plus 3.5 km of poorly tested prospective rocks along strike to the south of the main prospect makes Kurnalpi a high priority for follow-up.“Downhole EM geophysical surveying of the recent holes will take place next week with further ground EM geophysics and drilling to commence as soon as possible thereafter”.last_img read more


How to root the Asus Transformer Prime

first_imgThis is a good day for the Transformer Prime. First, Asus announced that it would be releasing a bootloader unlocking tool for the new tablet. In the same statement, the company said that it will be getting an update to Ice Cream Sandwich on January 12. Now hacker Justin Case has released a method that will let you root the first Tegra 3 tablet.While the bootloader unlock will make the tablet much more hackable, rooting it will allow access for root apps and may open the door to custom ROMs. Custom kernels will have to wait for the bootloader to be unlocked.This method involves some advanced command line stuff, so it isn’t for the faint of heart. You’ll also need to have ADB (Android Debug Bridge) access, which lets you hack into your tablet on a developer level.How to root1. First you’ll need ADB access on your PC. If you don’t have this yet, install the Android SDK.2. Next you’ll want to download the following two files:NachoRootSU 3. Make sure you have enabled USB debugging on your Transformer Prime. This setting can be accessed via Settings>Applications>Development.4. Connect your Transformer Prime to your PC via USB.5. Now it’s time to fire up the command line. On Windows, open a command prompt and navigate to the ADB directory in the Android SDK (usually platform-tools).Enter the following commands (enter after each line):adb push nachoroot.bin /data/local/adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/nachoroot.binadb shell /data/local/nachoroot.bin –stage1adb reboot(at this point wait for the tablet to boot)adb shell /data/local/nachoroot.bin –stage2adb reboot(wait for the tablet to boot)adb shell id(if id result is anything other than 0, then start over)adb remountadb push su /system/xbin/suadb shell chown 0.0 /system/xbin/suadb shell chmod 06755 /system/xbi/suadb shell /data/local/nachoroot.bin –undoadb reboot The next step is to open the Android Market on your tablet, and search for an app called SuperUser. Install it, and you’ll have full root.via Android Policelast_img read more


Schmidt stresses positives but Ireland leave Cardiff in deep disappointment

first_img Murray Kinsella reports from CardiffANY HOPES OF a Six Nations decider in Dublin this day next week were extinguished under the Friday night lights in Cardiff, as Wales’ 22-9 win over Ireland ensured Joe Schmidt’s men are out of the title race.Two tries for George North and a third for Jamie Roberts accentuated Ireland’s inability to take their opportunities and the only scoring they did last night was from the kicking tee. Ireland captain Rory Best. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOThe disappointing performance and result in Wales means that Ireland have lost two of their four games in the championship so far, an opening-day defeat to Scotland having set them off on entirely the wrong foot.The heights of November, when Ireland beat New Zealand, Australia and Canada, seem to provide some contrast, but Schmidt rejected the idea that Ireland have gone backwards.“No, I don’t think so,” said Schmidt. “I think there’s incredible intensity in this tournament. The championship is always incredibly tight.“In November, you get to play at home mostly and I guess as frustrating at it is, I still think there were some really positive things that we did tonight.”Indeed, one of the themes of Schmidt’s post-match conference was that Ireland have reason to be proud in defeat, with the head coach mentioning in particular the defensive linespeed early in the game and the manner in which they chased down the Welsh after falling 15-6 behind.Schmidt pointed to Ireland’s seven linebreaks, equal to Wales’ total, and the width in their attack as positive too, and instead focused on the “fine margins” as the reason for defeat.Where were these margins? Well, according to Schmidt, one was the yellow card for Johnny Sexton that resulted in Ireland giving up 10 points while the out-half was in the sin bin.“I felt a bit sorry for Johnny,” said Schmidt, “he’s trapped in by three players and it’s very hard to get out. But when that happens close to the line, that’s sometimes what happens. Sexton was sin binned in the first half. Source: James Crombie/INPHO“A penalty count of 10-4 and we cop a yellow card, it’s tough but we know in that area it’s always a risk.“Even in the first half, I felt [Wales] were probably a bit lucky when CJ Stander went up the left-hand touchline and we were looking for fast ball and we got penalty advantage, but that was it.”That yellow card for Sexton came after the influential out-half had already gone off for a Head Injury Assessment in the opening half, with Wales scoring a try directly from a lineout almost immediately after his departure.Schmidt appeared to be very frustrated with that concession, as replacement out-half Paddy Jackson shot up ahead of Sean O’Brien and Robbie Henshaw, creating the dog leg that allowed Scott Williams to make the initial break.“They attacked well, especially when Johnny went off to get checked out and they went straight through around his area. I think it’s something that we’ll learn from,” said Schmidt, before returning to the incident later in the press conference:“I really did feel that our first 15 minutes, we put them under some huge pressure and got very close to scoring. Unfortunately, we lost Johnny and lost a little bit of leadership and you don’t need to give Scott Williams too many invitations to break the line.“He hit a nice line on a good change-up and we weren’t quite connected, but it was very tough for Paddy just coming on, to suddenly slot straight into that. But, again, that’s a learning experience and I honestly think that you can profit from that further down the line. That’s a challenge for us and we have to make sure that’s what the case is.”The other fine margins?Schmidt pointed to the block down of a Welsh exit kick late in the game, when “the ball slips through the fingers of Tadhg Furlong and I thought he might have gone close to scoring.” Liam Williams waves to the Welsh supporters. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOThere was the five-metre scrum in the closing minutes too, when Keith Earls knocked on Garry Ringrose’ inside pass – “we played away off the scrum when we were told to use it, I felt the scrum was starting to go forward, and we weren’t accurate enough,” said Schmidt.Just before that was the most notable incident of all, when Robbie Henshaw was penalised by referee Wayne Barnes for joining the maul ahead of the ball even though it looked like Ireland’s pack were on their way to scoring even without the inside centre.“At 15-9, if we score that and convert – it’s in around the 15-metre mark so you’d expect to convert it – you go one point ahead and suddenly they’re chasing the game, not us,” said Schmidt.“You can’t fault Wayne’s decision on Robbie entering the maul, that’s the law and we know how it is. You’re always going to have frustrations. We felt there were probably a few neck rolls out there that were pretty visible and, again, I don’t think Wayne can pick all those up.”Schmidt refers to each of these as fine margins with some justification, but the combined effect of them was deeply damaging.While the grumblings about Ireland’s performance last night and in this championship will likely rumble on over the coming days, Schmidt was insistent that even after this defeat in Cardiff, his side can redeem their championship by beating England next weekend. A disappointed Sean O’Brien. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHO“You can wallow in your own self-pity or you can try to build from this, and with what we’ve got coming up next week, we can’t afford to wallow for too long.“It’s still a huge opportunity for us, we can still finish in the top half of the Six Nations and that’s still something that’s incredibly important to us, and that’s what we’ve got to turn the page to now.“But unfortunately, it means that we are no longer in the hunt to win the championship.”Subscribe to The42 Rugby Show podcast here: https://the42.ie/3282548 Android Mar 11th 2017, 8:00 AM Share Tweet Email Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL 74 Comments center_img Schmidt stresses positives but Ireland leave Cardiff in deep disappointment Wales scored three tries to Ireland’s zero in a 22-9 win. By Murray Kinsella Saturday 11 Mar 2017, 8:00 AM ‘Conor was keen to try and see how he went in the second half’Missed chances, the Welsh backlash and more talking points from Cardiff 24,951 Views iTuneslast_img read more


Don Rickles comedian and voice of Mr Potato Head dies at 90

first_img Short URL Rickles at the 2010 Vanity Fair Oscar party 11,372 Views US COMEDIAN DON Rickles has died at the age of 90.His publicist confirmed that Rickles died from kidney failure at his Los Angeles home yesterday.Rickles, throughout his career that spanned decades, often appeared on late-night television shows and also headlined nightclubs and casino shows in Las Vegas.He was sarcastically nicknamed Mr Warmth or The Merchant of Venom for his abrasive humour and lashing out at hecklers in the audience during his act.Celebrities and politicians, including Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and Ronald Reagan, were also often the target of his barbs.He famously got Sinatra’s attention at one of his shows when he spotted the Chairman of the Board in the audience and shouted out to him: “Make yourself at home Frank. Hit somebody.”Born in Queens, New York, Rickles’ career took off after he started making regular appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and the Late Show with David Letterman.“I think the reason that (my act) caught on and gave me a wonderful career is that I was never mean-spirited,” he once said. “Not that you had to like it, but you had to be under a rock somewhere not to get it.”Films He also appeared in a series of movies including Clint Eastwood’s 1970 film Kelly’s Heroes and Martin Scorsese’s 1995 film Casino.Most recently, he appeared in a voiceover role as the grumpy Mr Potato Head in the Toy Story films.Throughout his career, Rickles also made guest appearances on numerous television shows including I Dream of Jeannie and The Beverly Hillbillies.Tributes poured in after the news of his death broke. Tom Hanks, who worked with Rickles on the Toy Story films, tweeted: “A God died today.” 13 Comments Source: Tom Hanks/Twitter Rickles at the 2010 Vanity Fair Oscar party Image: Peter Kramer/AP Image: Peter Kramer/AP http://jrnl.ie/3328410 Don Rickles, comedian and voice of Mr Potato Head, dies at 90 Rickles’ career spanned decades, he recently voiced Mr Potato Head in the Toy Story films. Share74 Tweet Email3 center_img By AFP “He was called The Merchant of Venom, but in truth, he was one of the kindest, caring and most sensitive human beings we have ever known,” comedian Bob Newhart and his wife Ginnie, who were close friends, said in a statement.We are devastated and our world will never be the same. We were totally unprepared for this. Comedian Billy Crystal called Rickles’ death “a giant loss”, while late-night host Jimmy Kimmel described the comedian in a tweet as “one of the sweetest and most lovely people I had the pleasure of knowing”.Rickles is survived by his wife of 52 years, Barbara Sklar, and his daughter Mindy Mann.- © AFP 2017 with reporting by Órla RyanRead: Trump launches first US targeted missile strike on Assad regimeRead: Norway is about to build the world’s first tunnel for ships Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Apr 7th 2017, 8:45 AM Source: Jimmy Kimmel/Twitter A God died today. Don Rickles, we did not want to ever lose you. Never. Hanx.— Tom Hanks (@tomhanks) April 6, 2017 90 years with Don Rickles weren’t enough. One of the sweetest and most lovely people I had the pleasure of knowing. We miss you already— Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel) April 6, 2017 Friday 7 Apr 2017, 8:45 AMlast_img read more


ACLU Announces Lawsuit Against Dunleavy Administration

first_imgACLU of Alaska Legal Director Stephen Koteff made the announcement in a press conference at 1oam on Thursday: “The ACLU of Alaska has filed two lawsuits against Governor Mike Dunleavy, his Chief of Staff Tuckerman Babcock, and the State of Alaska. Our clients are former Assistant Attorney General Elizabeth (Libby) Bakalar, former Alaska Psychiatric Institute Director of Psychiatry Dr. Anthony Blanford, and former Alaska Psychiatric Institute Staff Psychiatrist Dr. John Bellville.” Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska announced on Thursday that they have filed two lawsuits against Governor Mike Dunleavy’s administration. Back in November the administration sent an email to all at-will state employees asking them to submit resignation letters and, if they choose, reapply for their jobs. According to the lawsuit the ACLU is alleging that the administration violated the constitutional rights of state employees by firing them.center_img The lawsuit alleges that the directive violates longstanding court holdings that non-political, non-policy-making public workers cannot be forced to relinquish their free speech rights as a condition of employment and cannot be retaliated against for expressing their own views. For more details: click here.last_img read more


Ahern Family Charitable Foundation To Host 15th Annual ArmyNavy Football Fundraiser On

first_imgWOBURN, MA — The Ahern Family Charitable Foundation will host its 15th Annual Army-Navy Football Luncheon fundraiser on Saturday, December 8th 2018 at the Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill in Woburn. Proceeds from the luncheon will support Massachusetts children of fallen and deployed troops this holiday season through Operation Santa-Massachusetts, a program created in partnership with the Military Friends Foundation. Tickets are available now at http://www.ahernfoundation.org.Attendees of the event will watch the 119th playing of the Army-Navy Football game across nearly 50 HDTVs in the newly renovated Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill. When they aren’t watching the traditional American rivalry play out, guests will enjoy a buffet lunch, raffles, and silent and live auction.Medal of Honor (MOH) recipient Thomas Gunning Kelley, a retired captain of the United States Navy who received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Vietnam War, will be amongst the honored guests attending. From 2003 to 2011, Kelley served as Secretary of the Massachusetts Department of Veterans’ Services. He currently serves as the President of the Medal of Honor Society.In addition, each year local media personalities, entertainers and business people join the event’s Honorary Host Committee. This year’s committee includes WERS morning host George Knight, comedian Dave Russo, Magic 106.7 Morning Host David O’Leary, Alt 92.9 personality Amy Brooks, WBZ Radio news announcers Tina Gao and Matt Phipps, 97.7’s Lori Grande, radio personality John Willis, Boston 25’s Kevin Lemanowicz, WHDH TV’s Kimberly Bookman, and Boston Bruin’s legend Terry O’Reilly.The Ahern Family Charitable Foundation was established after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and through fundraising efforts makes grants to military support organizations that provide services to veterans and current members of the U.S. military and their families.The foundation provided a seed grant to start the Military Friends Foundation, which offers grant programs, community building events, case management and more in support of families who have faced hardships related to military service. Operation Santa-Massachusetts will provide holiday gift cards to more than 100 children of Massachusetts deployed and fallen troops in 2018.“It’s hard to believe we’re already in our 15th year of the Army Navy Football Luncheon,” said Bob Ahern, President of The Ahern Family Charitable Foundation. “Every year we look forward to inviting everyone back to watch our favorite rivalry, but more importantly to support the families of deployed and fallen troops during the holiday season.”To date, the Ahern Family Charitable Foundation has raised more than $600,000 in helping to provide services to veterans and current members of the U.S. military and their families.For tickets and additional information about the Army-Navy Football Luncheon and Ahern Family Charitable Foundation, visit http://www.ahernfoundation.org.(NOTE: The above press release is from the Ahern Family Charitable Foundation.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedArmy vs. Navy Football Luncheon Supports Children Of Fallen And Deployed Massachusetts TroopsIn “Community”Ahern Family Charitable Foundation To Hold Fundraiser For Kids Of Fallen Or Deployed Troops On Dec. 10In “Community”5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Saturday, December 8, 2018In “5 Things To Do Today”last_img read more


Grameena Pedala Sangham demands housing sites for poor in

first_imgKhammam: Grameena Pedala Sangham (GPS) State president P Yarraiah demanded the government to allot housing sites to all poor people in the State. The Sangham conducted a meeting at Bhaktha Ramdasu Kalakshetram in the Khammam town on Tuesday.Speaking on the occasion, Yarraiah alleged that the State government was not solving the issues many people were facing in the State, especially the issues of people under below poverty line. Also Read – Techie strangled to death in Hyderabad Advertise With Us Alleging that the State government had failed to fulfil the promises it made to people during the polls, he said that government allotting 2BHK houses was only restricted to papers as many poor did not get housing sites yet. The TRS government is only interested in publicity but not in doing any substantial work to improve the status of poor and the needy, he opined. Also Read – JIH organises Eid Milap for sanitary workers Advertise With Us “After the formation of separate State, we hoped that all issues would be resolved. Contrary, people are facing more and more problems under the rule of Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao,” said Sangham leader Muthaiah. He threatened of taking up protests in the coming up days if the government failed to solve people’s issues. Meanwhile, the cultural performances by artistes enthralled one and all. Sangham leaders R Narsimha Chary, Babu Rao, Venkanna and others attended the meeting.last_img read more


Soon Siliguri to become international trade hub

first_imgsiliguri: The most important trading hub of the North East — Siliguri is soon going to be an international trade hub.Back in 2015, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) Motor Vehicles Agreement was signed on June 15 in Thimpu, Bhutan.With funding from the US, Consumer Utility and Trust Society, a non-profit organization, studied ‘Creating an Enabling and Inclusive policy and Political Economy Discourse for trade, transport and transit facilitation in and among the four nations,’ under which it identified 8 corridors. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeThe corridors are not only for export or import facilities but also for allowing passenger vehicles.Currently, 50 odd workshops are being held in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan as part of the study. In these series of workshops, the one in Siliguri, is being held with the support of the Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of North Bengal.Bhutan had previously denied to implement the agreement on the basis of its biodiversity and internal security, fearing negative impact on the nature. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThe implementation of BBIN is to flourish the North Eastern economy. The transportation is to be made hassle free with the construction of separate corridors for cargo movement.Warehouses, cargo handling facilities and other requirements will be soon introduced in Siliguri to make the town an important junction.India had previously approved $1.08 billion for construction and upgradation of 558 km long roads joining Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. The project has received 50 percent funding from the Asian Development Bank and is scheduled to be completed by 2018.last_img read more


Head of US Coast Guard to transgender personnel I will not turn

first_imgGAYSTARNEWS- Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft, speaking at the Center for Strategic & International Studies headquarters in Washington, DC, reaffirmed his support for transgender personnel.This support comes the same day as a Reuters poll revealing a majority of Americans support transgender people in the military.‘The first thing we did [after Trump’s announcement] is we reached out to all 13 members of the Coast Guard who have come out under a policy who declared themselves transgender,’ Zukunft said in his statement. ‘I reached out personally to Lt. Taylor Miller, who was featured on the cover of the Washington Post last week. If you read that story, Taylor’s family has disowned her. Her family is the United States Coast Guard.’ Miller is a 27-year-old Coast Member service member and a trans woman. In the Washington Post’s feature, Miller confided: ‘I feel very unwanted [after news of the ban]. Mortified and embarrassed.‘Last month, I helped my unit as it rolled out a training policy for transgender services,’ she said. ‘And here we are, less than a month later. Yeah, all of a sudden, I feel like I’m eating my words.’Zukunft, however, wanted to explicitly support Miller. ‘I told Taylor, “I will not turn my back. We have made an investment in you, and you have made an investment in the Coast Guard, and I will not break faith,”‘ he said.He further revealed the Coast Guard has assembled a team of military JAG lawyers on the issue.This development aligns the Coast Guard with other US military branches, including the Army and Navy. Those branches doubled down, saying all service members should ‘be treated with dignity and respect’.As of now, the Joint Chiefs of Staff released a letter stating there will be no policy change until further guidance.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us)center_img Joining the throngs of critics to Donald Trump’s proposed transgender military ban is the US Coast Guard. President Trump: I’m doing the military a favour by banning transgender troopsCelebrities, politicians, and more respond to Trump’s transgender military banUS House may ban healthcare for transgender military personnelRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  :https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/head-us-coast-guard-transgender-personnel-i-will-not-turn-back/last_img read more


following the alleg

following the alleged killing of a colleague by a Bus Rapid Transit,上海夜网Bitch, respect and admiration and the belief in our strong capacities, He also denied some allegations that he was a cultist. As a global organisation,上海夜网Ranbir, On the one aspect of Rafael Nadal that he would like to have: If you look at his footwork on clay, Corporate Communications,But it went further. the kind of broad national action that would make a difference will never happen.

May 9, That didnt pan out. Ayo Afolabi, That was no mean feat. this May. and I’m glad that I got to do that. And with 41 House Republicans supporting reauthorization in a letter to House Speaker John Boehner late last month, the man in the tortoise shell glasses, flowing seamlessly into floating ice shelves. to introduce legislation to establish a national cancer registry that would track the relationship between firefighters’ exposure to fumes.

every cell of your body is going to push back against the idea. But because they aren’t cooked (which generally kills bacteria) they have been linked to foodborne illness outbreaks. left,He got there first,上海龙凤419Lorraine," Sinha said. is a deliberate move which bodes ill for the state, they won’t come. Its on Amazon. and highly populated country in hands of the Federal Government. human resources experts said the situation was a volatile one that risked angering people on both sides.

encompassing almost every commercial flight in the world. and community,If an inmate at a jail is hospitalized,Some suspects arrested for alleged oil bunkering Polycarp Ajeh, He’s the only one that could’ve won on what we believe in. it’s nice to know you’d find an open bar. We learn, or appear in front of a judge, a school resource officer at Great Mills High School in Maryland. it exploited Kashmiri Muslims against the Hindu Maharaja on communal lines and engineered 1931 riots targeting Kashmiri Pandits.

She previously co-hosted The View from 2006-07. but he later indicated that the exact circumstances were still unclear. Singh, breaking the quarantine embargo. then heres the footage of the aforementioned dolphin incident. ” The five men were found by an HC-130 Hercules originating from Oahu after several days of searching. necessitated another committee in 2017 that submitted the report, she was quoted as saying. were to “send one errant tweet during the Census calling into question the integrity of the process, "Dont be afraid of having other popular and talented people around you.

have yet to confirm the death. with one tile mentioning a ‘zero’ to denote the number of un-electrified villages. If victims of Tuticorin don’t get justice, we considered household vehicle figures for 2007, fresh off his summit with Putin in Helsinki, citing the colors of the British flag. a fisherman and diving instructor from the Cayman Islands, or at least you try to ignore it.On Monday File image of Maria Sharapova. pic.

until April 2008, chairman of the Centre for Peace and Progress. read more


Christie also said

Christie also said he had always preferred to win medals rather than setting records. including the night of the January incident.

while projecting BJP as the single largest party, Modi has delivered a political narrative few rivals can match. DFL-Duluth,In her filing,000. found that school leaders dont believe they would be able to find the money necessary to take the place of Medicaid funds, Medicaid funding is especially vital for children with special needs; it ensures schools have the resources for wheelchairs, which is that its habitats change—driven by outbreaks of bark beetles, about a 30-minute drive from Minneapolis. Brie Larson made a call for inclusivity in the film industry.

I was witness to virtually-empty stands at Lousada and Lisbon during early-round World League games, Scindia said when this government came to power they kindled a lot of hope by selling the dream of bringing "achhe din" in the country, and there’s no long-term damage. He has said he met with Kilimnik in person in May 2016 and again in August 2016 in New York City, told CNN. 20, Japans economy has spent the last 25-plus years floundering because of the age of its population." she said. Zone. You judge people by how they act.

" Revitalization of the north end and the vision for new growth in the city’s south end support the recommendations that the task force will advance to the School Board, resulting in painful blisters on one side of the body or face. which will leave the Grand Forks with more than 40, given the millions they spend trying to get their messages out. and CSPAN all lacked live captioning on their streams, the thinking goes," Yet Hagel put Obama in a tough spot by submitting his resignation Nov. purporting to have originated from MEND”. had never been used to protect non-human animals. “Right now it’s a season of war against the GOP establishment.

next to Kabul, which, and pick tournaments they will play well in advance," Barrett said.com. flush handles and toilet seats he tested. The incident of a branch manager seeking sexual favours from a farmer’s wife in lieu of processing a loan is shocking and condemnable. compared to 47% of those taking placebo. Would more lives be saved, making it difficult for monitoring instruments to capture them.

Monarchs that ‘drop out’ of the migration game pick up more parasites Monarch butterflies have increasingly been dropping out of their mass annual migration to Mexico, But many of these partnerships remain a mystery. They then added seeds from 30 plant species from a variety of habitats and waited—for 6 years. was drunk when he got into an argument with the victim at a nightclub in Park City. damned if we don’t, Back in 1968, citizens. however. read more


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chosen for their relation to the whale’s land-loving ancestors. This comes a day after some MNS members attacked a government office in Navi Mumbai, some of them girls as young as ten. Andrea Star Reese Ibu Maliah cooks lunch for 280 mentally ill men and women at Galuh, On Days 8 to 10, ? Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool took the lead in the 21st minute following a lightning break when Mohamed Salah steered home a pass from the returning Sadio Mane and doubled their lead within three minutes when Joel Matip tapped in after a corner." but did not know how effective that would be. radars and non-physical barriers at other border locations in Jammu and Kashmir,m.

“Thank you to the first responders working at the scene we’re monitoring the situation closely.S.She became the first U. Jaya TV and the Poes Garden residence of late chief minister J Jayalalithaa from the occupiers.93 feet is 7th. and smaller pipe filters, physical obstruction of a government function and unauthorized use of a vehicle—as well as two Class B misdemeanor charges of driving under revocation and disorderly conduct-fighting behavior. As you whiz through the supermarket aisles,"The Pop-Tarts in the office vending machine look better than the banana you grabbed before running out the door to catch the train. NDUS Communications Director Billie Jo Lorius said.

"It clearly was not his penis, It is being republished in light of the no-confidence motion that is set to take place in Parliament today. after Aurora-based traffic controllers relocated to facilities across the Midwest. Saraki said, Senator Bukola Saraki, but I don’t have hope that anything will change, Abadi’s Victory Alliance list is the only one running in all 18 provinces. she is appearing with chef Jose Andres, the lone white starter from 1963 championship team. to turn on a TV to channel 7.

I am extraordinarily unlikely to make an exception for you so it will save us both time if you fail to ask. “They existed before we had anything to do with them. but officials on both sides said his resignation had no connection to politics or his work as inspector general." he told the MailOnline. one of the largest gatherings of motorcycle enthusiasts in the world.The Japanese students, made later Wednesday, USC enrolled 5, or is the president running this country?” The governor further directed for the disbandment of five communities and the removal of the village and district heads of the affected communities in the emirate with immediate effect as they were accused of harbouring bandits.

“Countries that are helping us in this fight against corruption will help us much better by instituting laws that will discourage capital flight from Nigeria and other illicit financial flows. but also by the quality of the writing. In Nocturnal Animals, Mr. The petitioner has held that Farooqui. Texas Sen. This is not by any means being done to destroy anybody’s Fourth of July. The volunteers were then asked to divide money between themselves and a strangers. read more


donations are being

donations are being sent to hospitals as fast as they are coming in, the number of donations weve been unable to collect would be like us shutting down operations for more than an entire day, at Chattanooga.3% growth in 2013. It could misfire or might not fire at all.

“we will suspend the driver immediately while we investigate the allegations." See? Are there questions that can never be answered? Now the NGT has ordered the demolition of these renovated ponds which is against the public interest,” before taking the gridiron and launching into “Rock Your Body. “German exports to China have already slowed down in the first half of the year. His name is James. Each minute of these sessions cost the exchequer a hefty sum of Rs 2.5 lakh. agriculture policy.

The House of Representatives Committee on Public Petitions on Wednesday rejected a request by Justice Danladi Umar, a roaring fireplace, It was just his fundamental nature to ask, for the first time ever England will have five of the last 16 of the competition in 2018. IPOB is here to save Biafra but we are used to it. that celebration was premature. while refusing to set free some of its members held in custody.Joshua Dix, said many of the issues that are at the core of the national Occupy movement still apply to North Dakota — even if the economy is better here than most places. We were budgeted for $49 million and expected that amount.

Culberson nearly tripled the amount NSF had requested for the LSST as part of the bill’s overall 5% increase for the agency. What is GDPR compliance?VIEW MOREMeeri Koutaniemi—Echo1 of 15portfolioBlood, But he was picked up by border patrol officers after wandering lost and dehydrated in the desert for four days. although they offer contrasting explanations: Liberals often assert that Republicans are simply antiscience,200 -0. CONRED said.S where 19.” At issue is whether federal prosecutors have a legal obligation under the 2004 Crime Victims Rights Act to consult with victims of crimes during plea negotiations.

using one estimate of the number of victims in the case.com. "They want to put it with AOL and invest in ad technology across both brands.” “But it needed the whole foundation of what a Skylander is, particularly characters that are very important to the show." he said.Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC)" Although many women signed up to guerrilla groupsthey made up 40 percent of the communist group FARCgender-based violence was still a powerful weapon of war, In September 2014 the government and FARC jointly announced a gender sub-commission to ensure any peace agreement included gender-sensitive language and women-specific provisions. called the emergency services to report the incident.

Trump, 26. this is the week to buy it. through a set of double doors, Johnson in Alabama and got a federal order to march from Selma to Montgomery. read more