The nternet map rectification start Shen card have not yet approved no effect

July 1st morning news, the national mapping Geographic Information Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping) for Internet map industry rectification officially started today, but it is not a "doomsday" test. According to regulations, even if the Internet has not yet obtained a map license, but as long as the application has been submitted to the site, it is not within the scope of the fight.

last July, the first Internet map license (ie Internet map service qualification) released. According to official data, after nearly a year of time, by the end of June this year, there are 97 units made Internet map service class mapping qualification, 100 units made B qualification, dozens of units have been put forward to apply for qualification.

in accordance with the relevant policy requirements, to provide map search, location services and other Internet and wireless Internet map service units, to carry out normal business operations should be made Internet map license.

from today, the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping will be in accordance with the previously announced plan to rectify the Internet map market, not in accordance with the provisions of the operation of the Internet map service website, will be investigated according to law. And this move, often be outside as the "doomsday" words of description, that has not yet been licensed service will be banned.

This is not the case with

. In accordance with the requirements of the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping, the object of action to investigate, for the public exposure has not yet applied for Internet mapping service mapping qualifications, continue to engage in Internet map service website".

this means that as long as the site has submitted a license application, even if it has not been approved will not be affected by the rectification.

According to Sina

technology, had previously been exposed Jiepang, as well as Google maps outside attention, although said temporarily did not get a license information, but have been submitted to the relevant application, is waiting for the examination results. The State Bureau of Surveying and mapping has not announced whether the future will further rectify the market related information.

in March 2009, the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping promulgated the "mapping qualification grading standards", since June 1st of the same year. In accordance with the requirements of units engaged in the Internet map service should start on the date, the application of Internet mapping services mapping qualifications. In May 10th last year, the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping services to further improve the professional standards of the Internet map.

in accordance with the policy requirements, in addition to obtaining licenses, Internet and wireless Internet map service unit, storing map data server is located in the territory of People’s Republic of China, should take effective measures to regulate the tagging behavior of users to upload, and nearly 3 years without file loss, leaks.

in April 27th this year, the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping to amend the "Interim Measures for the administration of Surveying and mapping of foreign organizations or individuals in China". It is also seen as the competent authorities in the policy for foreign Internet companies to apply for a slight relaxation of map service qualifications.

although the above management practices are still specified, foreign

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