Micro shop to spend millions of dollars acquisition of Pinyin domain name

renamed China ( December 30th news, the online trading platform "’s pocket shopping micro shop APP, in the opening of" V "domain name on the line, traced in the recent acquisition of" micro shop "spelling domain name

diagram: Micro shop home

micro shop is built on WeChat and other social networking platform on the micro shop, allowing users to manage the store and the purchase of goods through the mobile terminal. Previously, micro shop has protection including set of domain name, the letter "V" used skillfully, and "micro" homophonic. It is understood that the acquisition of a full range of domain names, both in order to protect the micro shop brand, and it is possible to allow the group to become an independent domain name micro shop entrance.


, pocket shopping is more generous to buy, transfer domain price 1 million yuan, in addition to the.Com domain, Larry holders also show Beijing pocket Fashion Technology Co. ltd..

currently, in addition to, other domain names have not been enabled.

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