Our website search engine raging blame

I have been considering two questions: first, why there is such a strong porn website vitality; two, pornography is how to enter the user’s vision. The first problem can be attributed to two reasons: first, the network did not China content classification, porn sites swoop; two, the enormous economic benefits to individual owners rush into danger. But relatively speaking, the second problem is very complex, after all, the use of dynamic address will not be a lot of people. Recently, however, I have found the answer to second questions.

in the process of dealing with the pornography case, the police found some browse pornographic websites, in video chat users, when asked about is to find these sites through what way, they said is through the search engine to find the. According to statistics, 98% of Internet users are found through search engines, jurisprudence, gambling website. "Our company" as an example, from August 9, 2008 to August 25, 2009, the total number of access to the porn sites up to about 10000000, and up to 7 million 938 thousand and 300 through the Baidu search engine landing, landing through other search engines about 1000000. Clove adult community in October last year has been ranked in the top 5 Baidu keyword search search. (China Youth Daily January 7th)

original, the root of the search engine body. It seems that porn raging, search engine to blame


to this problem actually is not complex, the search engine is the keyword to search for content, with "energy-saving" as an example, in the Baidu search rules, if users inadvertently enter "clove" this words, in accordance with the "deep secret" of Baidu search engine keyword ranking. The first thing that users view will be the "nine out of ten energy-saving" this porn site. While 7 million 938 thousand and 300 people will click on the huge crowd, make this site high position at Baidu search engine promotion tool days and months multiplying, become the best porn sites.

can bring huge traffic as a search engine, nature is not, because if there is no traffic, the search engine will flow just is not worth a hair, advertisers fancy to advertising. Porn sites to a certain extent with the search engine to achieve mutual benefit".

so, the search engine will not know this is a porn site?. The search engine crawler is omniscient and omnipresent. For the hot words, for the huge flow of the site, the search engine will not know how to do this, we can only use one word to describe the search engine: acquiescence. Don’t search engine on porn sites Baidu active shielding incapable of action, do a keyword or website is on pornographic websites is helpless? I don’t believe.

I don’t know if there is any connection between the search engine website and the porn site, I only know that almost all the popular websites are not hot. I think the public security department may wish to study >

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