The nternet market burn, many foreign monks chanting

China’s Internet watershed should be from August 9, 1995, the listing of Netscape Co. Integration of a variety of funds, in 2000 Sina, NetEase, Sohu kill nasdaq. The Internet is still war-torn, brutal acquisition of TOM. SOHU high-profile appearances. The background is a web site or to be swallowed up by the desolate scene fled. No matter how the Internet was a garden full of foam or round spring, for the big market for Chinese. The prospects are bright, although many of the pioneers made the fly in the window. But this does not hinder the development of the Internet process.

in the eyes of many people, the Internet should be a carrier of information rather than the traditional commodity entities. However, this is an information age. With the advent of this era, the network is no longer a new term. With several major portals to stand firm growth, various foreign network institutions, various investment companies come in a throng. The Asian headquarters set up on this piece of land, lining up. Frequent shots are not blind. However, there is a derivative of a new problem, the foreign monk read this book?

foreign market economy started earlier, business philosophy and management models tend to commercial. Giants are early with the mode of promoting global village. May be for the global operation and management. Almost at the acquisition of the site, to drop into local executives. For the relative stability of the IT company is concerned, no doubt in an earthquake. Therefore, on this basis, more than just passable. Of course, this is only from the business philosophy is to look at the differences between the impact of these monks on the local market. After all, relative to the formal atmosphere of the company’s huge body also increased the complexity of its processing procedures. It is difficult for the user to communicate the relevant issues in time to adjust. Remember the last heard of a case, a large network of domestic companies to the headquarters of a small suggestion had waited more than half a year. In the first half of this year and what is the concept of the increasingly changing market opportunities?.

and in the meantime, as I am not a professional, the game is not very interested in the money to play the game. Quality of service is considered. In this virtual space of information struggle, derived a lot of physical goods. A variety of game software, system software, etc.. Remember there are many on the Internet very vivid example: Kabasiji Cuosha Ruixingkaka, and traced with Norton manslaughter as Windows system files etc. These users are keenly aware of things. Later, there is news that: Kabasiji revealed that the Google search engine does not automatically block some of the user’s request for a variety of reasons. Moreover, some of the ban is completely wrong judgment. When these events happen. Foreign monks in the domestic user credit greatly reduced. Be good in products such as the rising opportunity to adjust, recently invested sixty million R & D active defense version 2008, on the market for a massive counterattack. While the other has been killed within the soft action, in order to see the country

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