Tools website recommendation 9 powerful information map production site



information map (infographic) has been increasingly used in our work and learning. It will help you to convey data and information visually and quickly to the audience. This period of interaction with China brings together 9 powerful web sites that can help you make information maps, convenient and quick. Enjoy!

source: InfographicsArchive



visual.ly can help you in a very short period of time to create a free information map.



Piktochart can help users without design experience, with only three simple steps to create, share and get information.



infogr.am is able to create free interactive charts and diagrams.

Hohli Charts


Hohli Charts Google Chart based on API, it can help you create a line chart, pie chart, histogram, radar and other charts, simple and easy to use.

amCharts Visual Editor


AmCharts is an ideal tool for making interactive information maps. Its visual editor can help you easily create Flash charts.

Google Chart Tools


Google Tools Google Chart API and Google Visualization API, making the chart becomes simple and easy to do.



you can use the Wordle online production of "text cloud", you can also adjust the font, layout and color scheme, after the completion of your friends can share or

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