Mogujie.com face abandoned waterfall flow, the evolution of electricity providers to women

(Figure: mogujie.com founder, CEO June)

get 200 million dollars after adequate ammunition, mogujie.com began the transformation into real money, the fashion business platform to the service of female users from the former cascade; snatch from giants such as Taobao, jumei.com and vip.com in the bowl; the good service for female users of vertical electric business competition.

in this battle, mogujie.com has its own advantages, there are late due to short board approach: the advantage is good, the user community foundation, accumulated the massive flow of its own, the user stickiness is good, but the core user group is the young female white-collar users high consumption ability, strong desire for shopping. The disadvantage is that the online retail is not deep, in the process of creating a complete electricity supplier trading chain in the presence of goods, logistics, payment and other short board.

founder and CEO June of their own cognitive was clear, after making the transition, change the decision, mogujie.com is the first step to earn more money to ensure the rapid development stage of massive investment; the second step is to develop the new development strategy, from brand positioning, product design (especially mobile) and the transaction closed loop three aspects to build a clear plan. In an interview, June also made a detailed interpretation of the company’s new strategy.

changes: locate buyers street, buyers fusion algorithm and recommended


to do the electricity supplier shopping guide website in the stage of rapid development, positioning, the focus of mogujie.com depends on the back-end data, the algorithm with the front-end user groups, whether it is pictures presentation waterfall stream, or entirely algorithm based commodity arrangement is recommended, in order to carry out the "diversion and drainage" this thing, let users in women continue to browse, find buy, want to buy goods in.


but do business platform in the clear positioning, mogujie.com made building buyers Street positioning, abandon the waterfall stream commodity display, data analysis and fusion of fashion buyers in the commodities recommended recommendations in charge; commodity display on the category of direct, intended to standardize the management of goods, while improving the trading platform conversion rate.

June believes that the community, entertainment will be combined with the electricity supplier, but there is a significant difference in the operation of the process of combining the management. In the construction of the community stage, mogujie.com’s column, the product is entirely determined by the cold server and data, the user clicks, browse, single changes are affecting the time of the presentation of information. After a transition fashion electricity supplier, the urgent need to build a professional team of buyers, complete pick models, pick the goods, to make a decision on the target user, the formation of objective data analysis and fashion buyers supervisor recommended combination. From the data point of view, this way to promote the conversion rate of commodity trading platform to enhance 6 times.

June also said that in the mogujie.com headquarters in Hangzhou, has built 5000 square meters of selected products, buyers sample after the completion of the brand to buy.

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