For the analysis of the long tail theory of marketing for the 2080 law

with SEO is becoming more and more popular, a lot of SEO strategy is widely spread, the long tail theory and 20/80 law is one of the important ideas which many webmaster and network marketing personnel is not unfamiliar to them, but for entering the stationmaster industry friends, may focus on the title, keywords and external links that may not know or ignore the long tail effect, in this paper, and today we share a exchange of long tail theory and 20/80 law knowledge, to allow more novice webmaster familiar with it.

what is the long tail theory? Popular talk is the total sales total sales of popular products less demand and even more popular products be roughly the same. The long tail theory was first described in the book by Chris Anderson on Amazon’s online bookstore and online video rental stations. The book mentioned in the network compared to store and store, its sales place not subject to size restrictions, a huge database can be stored over a large number of products in the store, due to space limitations, only the relative selling products on the shelves, the cooler door is considering space rather than cost in store sales, the Internet is different, all products in online sales, so he found some books even if every year only sold two or three copies or even a book, but these types of popular books in particular, total sales and total sales of those selling products basically flat, or even higher. Please see the following figure:

a area is the total sales of selling products, the B area is the total sales of popular products, obviously, B total sales area of an enterprise also has a great influence, this is the power of the long tail theory.

what is the law of 20/80? Simple to the enterprise is 80% of the sales are brought by the best-selling products of the 20%. In real life, such examples abound, such as 80% of the company’s profits from the most loyal of the 20% customers, sales of up to 20% of the most outstanding salesman. So a lot of the reality of the marketing theory is the energy of time on the 20% hot selling products, minimize waste. But the long tail of the Internet to subvert the rules, the total effect is often better than the long tail of the main keywords, what is the reason? Because of the long tail is a suitable range, not all companies and websites are suitable for the long tail effect, if an enterprise products only dozens or hundreds, so it is difficult to play the long tail effect is also true for the website, no more than one hundred thousand pages, do not talk about the long tail effect. Therefore, it is necessary to identify whether they are suitable for the long tail theory.

Elliot and network marketing how to combine? First find the targeted niche market, starting from the niche market target is very strong, we have abundant capital and competitive large companies, so it is necessary to start from the small tail construction market. Second, in the key words and content selection should be particular about, the channel page and the article page in writing to consciously integrate into the long tail word, these words will not be too large a single flow, but the overall considerable. Also, learn to

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