Alibaba to determine the final PO price of $68 per share


technology news Beijing time on September 19th morning news, Alibaba announced on Thursday, the group will be the IPO (IPO) price determined for $68 per share, equivalent to the upper limit of the price range.

according to this price, Alibaba group will raise the amount of $21 billion 800 million, IPO revenue will be attributed to Alibaba group and its executives and early investors. The amount of funding is close to the Agricultural Bank of China hit a record in 2010, the IPO listing to raise $22 billion.

in the past few months or even a few years, the market has been looking forward to the listing of Alibaba group. In addition, the transaction is also of great significance: the largest ever IPO transactions in the U.S. market.

but that doesn’t mean there is no risk. The industry pointed out that the Alibaba group’s complex corporate structure, and corporate governance is not normal. In addition, the group in the Chinese market is also facing competition from companies such as Tencent (0700.HK), and may face in the U.S. market from the Amazon and eBay exclusion. However, Alibaba’s IPO pricing means that its market value will reach $168 billion, which will make it one of the highest value listed companies in the U.S. market, more than $150 billion amazon.

Alibaba group will be officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday, the stock code is BABA". According to the latest data released by the Alibaba, the group occupies 80% share of the Chinese e-commerce market, the sum of its Taobao and Tmall mall last year handled online transaction value of $248 billion, more than the sum of Amazon and eBay.

Alibaba IPO transaction group underwriters Credit Suisse Group, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley, the five underwriters of the same status, not the lead underwriter and vice underwriters do not. In addition, Citigroup will handle this transaction. Sources familiar with the matter said earlier, it is anticipated that the Underwriters will receive a total of 1% IPO revenue as the basic underwriting fee, which is probably more than $200 million; in addition, the Underwriters will receive another $1% as an incentive fee.

in the IPO transaction, the Alibaba group’s founder and executive vice chairman Cai Chongxin will sell some shares after the completion of the transaction, but Ma will still be the third largest shareholder of the group, the shareholding of 7.8%, Cai Chongxin still holds 3.2% of the shares. In addition, the group’s largest shareholder Softbank will not sell shares in the IPO transaction, the shareholding ratio after the completion of the transaction will be 32%. (Tang Feng)

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