On four principles of micro-blog marketing

a lot of individuals and businesses, although very early in the use of micro-blog to do marketing, but the effect is not good, is kind of fire can not get up. The main reason is that they ignore several important principles in the use of micro-blog.


concise summary, went straight to the theme of


is a self media, set what kind of theme, in what kind of style are decided by the operators themselves. However, micro-blog still want to write after the user. In this way, it is essential to follow the rules of grammar that are well known and accepted by the public.

Because of the limitation of

network and other factors, micro-blog users mostly sneak browsing micro-blog, it is not possible to treat the traditional paper book, sitting in a rocking chair leisurely reading slowly. If you read the article for a long time did not understand what the theme is, it will make people impatient, and even will never look at your micro-blog. We must remember the classic joke: the cafeteria buns first didn’t bite the stuffing, second are bitten. The theme is too obscure micro-blog will give people the feeling.

close to life, practical strong


operator must develop a good habit of reading the news, things can be written in this way let fans resonate, let the fans think you are a follow the trend of the times, and they keep people.

if you want to make your own micro-blog fans as if it is a day to drink coffee and read the newspaper as indispensable, it must make micro-blog content has a strong practicality. What are the practical content of it?

practical micro-blog first to cling to life, the content may be different for children daily breakfast, his wife after a quarrel to coax wife nirvana, the delivery room in those things, such as tourist perception of humor. If you don’t know the domain, you should at least be a good storyteller, can write the plot ups and downs, moreish story.

accumulation is very important

first, try to make a list of micro-blog content, secondly, to reveal their own views, in the beginning, clear-cut, again, a unique title for the article. A good title is like a product of the packaging, a person to go to the supermarket, the novel and unique product packaging enough to attract consumers in just a few seconds.

learn from each other harvest big


marketing is a protracted war, so I suggest those who want to get quick, effect of friends do not use this marketing means to quickly. Micro-blog is like running a small restaurant, repeat the most important. This means that the author can not use "three days of fishing, two days" attitude to the operation of micro-blog.

a lot of office workers to the office every day after the habit of a cup of coffee, and then wait for the computer to boot. If you want your micro-blog to be as important to the user’s life as the cup of coffee, you should first

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