Chinese delegation unified registered Paralympic athletes domain name

after the State Sports General Administration ahead of Olympic champion domain name registration, Chinese Paralympic delegation registered for all Olympic athletes in the English registered domain name, the number reached nearly 900, this is the first time in the history of the Paralympic games.

in this batch of registration list, both "Chinese Thorpe" said Wang Xiaofu, and won 1 gold, 1 silver, two world record sprinter Li Yansong Athens Paralympic champion of the domain name, also like Peng Yulian for the first time to the domain name of the Beijing Paralympic Games athletes.

Chinese Paralympic delegation said that the implementation of the Beijing Paralympic Games in the domain name of China’s pre registration protection, reflecting the country’s support for the disabled and the cause of the disabled sports. The unified registration of athletes domain is the first step to protect athletes Internet rights, the future of these domain names will gradually by the use of the player, let people through the Internet platform to share the honor and the Olympic spirit with more people.

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