A discussion with Qinglong old thief shielding WeChat, normal business competition, why moral

wrote WeChat really Qinglong old thief "Ali blocked WeChat, be not of the common sort, crisis or opportunity?" one article, more in-depth analysis of the impact of Alipay shielding WeChat events on Ali, the Tencent and the merchants. But some of them, a shark beg to differ.

1 Alipay shield WeChat is normal business competition

a word, this ban or shield is normal, there is no need to make a fuss, there is no need to rise to the height of spiritual and moral judgment. There have been too many Internet ban, like the year Taobao blocked Baidu, and Baidu also blocked Taobao. Jingdong also because Alipay from Ali, so Alipay will be blocked, and then again with ALI one of two banned Jingdong.

even in foreign countries, but also blocked the homely food. For example, apple and Google two old friends, you often kill me, I block you. Apple has been removed from the Google store map application app, but also blocked Google Voice and other applications.

of course, in addition to the naked ban, more international common practice is to build a moat by the patent stick, other competitors out of their own sphere of influence. Look at Apple and Samsung patent war, I think the patent war more startling than the ban.

2 intensified so-called mobile portal theory is actually a pseudo concept

A thief thought throughout the

article, that is "mobile entrance theory", namely, whether BAT or other Internet companies in the mobile era are competing for the so-called entrance, to become the only entrance of consumers. This is also a lot of media and expert opinion by common consent. For example, Ali blocked WeChat, Ali acquisition of high moral map, WeChat shares of public comment, etc. are in order to seek mobile portal.

A shark

think this is a false concept, first of all, the mobile era entrance is becoming increasingly decentralized, if in the era of the PC search is the first entrance, then find the mobile era only or the first entrance is becoming more and more difficult, users are becoming more personalized, and the entrance is also in accordance with the function has become increasingly differentiated. For example, the weather will ink on the weather, watching the news on the NetEase news client will use Baidu maps, navigation, music and so on to the concert with small shrimp.

secondly, WeChat is too myth, like the Spring Festival WeChat red is the same myth. WeChat does occupy a lot of time users, but WeChat does not mean everything, nor is it the only user in the mobile terminal entrance. WeChat is still the entrance of social communication and media information portal, to become payment entrance, shopping entrance, entertainment entrance, etc. is still too early.

think shark Jingdong Liu Qiangdong is right in answer to a reporter about the mobile ticket issue, he said "the Jingdong put themselves in the ship waiter role, no matter who grab tickets, the Jingdong will provide services". The implication is that Jingdong will focus on retail, good supply chain "

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