B2B counter attack of the war the Alibaba hc360.com fun and domain name

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) October 10th – July, B2B mall Comtech core city landing in Hong Kong, September, Marco Polo Tencent investment department, Southern China city to vote today, old B2B website hc360.com successfully from the Hongkong gem to the main board listed. This series of movement, is the industry analysis is quiet for a long time, B2B finally ushered in the spring, then, Alibaba, hc360.com website and B2B and their counter attack on the domain name to


rivers and lakes boss: Alibaba and his 1688.com


now filed Alibaba group, filed a Ma, the more we think is Taobao, Tmall and Alipay, and forget the Alibaba first started, the first is the core business of B2B platform Alibaba Chinese trading market.


figure: Alibaba

1999, Ma has enabled the domain name alibaba.com, the establishment of the first batch of domestic B2B e-commerce platform Alibaba China trading market, and gradually grow, become the B2B industry absolute big boss, leading the entire industry development. 2007, B2B business has been split out in Hongkong alone. In 2010, Alibaba and the cost of the acquisition enabled "Alibaba" homophonic digital domain name 1688.com, as a Alibaba Chinese station official domain name, the domain name is used for the original alibaba.com international Alibaba.

, however, the degree of hot compared to the C2C, the B2C industry in the domestic market, B2B market is touted by the capital markets, the largest Alibaba was a shake Qian Shu’s B2B business will soon be a younger generation of Taobao taobao.com, Tmall tmall.com latecomers become the first. The listing in Hongkong ended up in a private way. However, now B2B industry has begun to pick up, Alibaba has also been listed, 1688.com may also open up a new world.

Hongkong: listed on the main board of HC and his hc360.com

was founded in 1992 HC, is a veteran of the domestic electronic commerce website, Alibaba is one of the most powerful competitors in the industry, and even the "south north from Ali.". The first half of this year, net revenue and net profit simultaneously rose sharply, in the industry continued weakness in the overall situation, multiple consecutive quarters maintained rapid growth. Today, HC from Hongkong gem to the main board listing, stock code changed to 02280, opened at HK $14.5, the market value of HK $9 billion 611 million.



: HC


hc360.com market was amazing, quite a bit to catch up with the trend of the Alibaba, "

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