Competitive price war how great Shift of the universe

now in order to compete for customers, the shops are a variety of means are used, and for operators, in fact, the most worried about the price war. Especially some novice. He joined the line, Lu Yu two competitors price war, about the enemy front, they are senior game player, shop popularity gradually decreased, it is difficult to survive! Beg each weapon master!

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the main prescription conversion angle repair magic oh happy

vicious competitive price war

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back to practice magic

seen Jin Yong teacher wrote this book The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber friends all know that there are very powerful martial arts trick called "great Shift of the universe", is about leveraging the power of the other power conversion homeopathy to other places, and the use of this martial arts people because the conversion to, so as not to be injured, will not be damaged.

see above the peer mentioned problem, which reminds me of the long lost martial arts. However, my teacher said, this is what you, the people who walk the price war is met two competitors at the beginning of the business, customers are given the temptation to go, you said that "great Shift of the universe" what, this is not a martial arts master race, people beg is management solution square.

to the correct use of this "great Shift of the universe", that we should know the opponent director, also need to know their short, only know to use it properly, to make their own business out of change danger into safety, a piece of blue sky.


operator that can use the price war is over thick and they use their own resources, deep, take the method of self harm, for tourists, they want to achieve the purpose of customers more, only to lose money for soliciting, the fastest defeated opponent, then reached the monopoly of a party, others see to survive, the natural change or to other places to open cases leekpai. The first loss of the owner to form the monopoly profits, lord it over a district.


operator also know each other in some commodities on the cheap money will be soliciting, in some other commodities have a place. This method is very simple, that is to use some public goods to the customer a store the other commodity prices are low and the illusion, to achieve the purpose of earning profits of goods.

know the opponent low, concentrated practice and apply the "great Shift of the universe" simple "

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