100 thousand yuan can start the project coffee shop

coffee shop gives us the feeling is a very exotic place, is very tall feeling, a lot of people start to open a coffee shop is to dare to think, it is estimated that the investment of large projects, in fact it one hundred thousand dollars could open a youmoyouyang coffee shop, if you do not believe then, look at the following analysis.

1, the production equipment, kneading machine / oven / prover / sink / work / four door freezer and all the purchase of second-hand equipment, one can operate the backcourt interval of the full set of equipment, I have to help help a client fix all 18 thousand, then the normal operation of semi-automatic coffee machine don’t want to, it is not 100 thousand bakery play, if you need to buy a Cafe Americano pot, guests really point, their inner inside in it; 2, display equipment, as a secondary display, some reasonable selection that is not very expensive, you can guarantee within 20 thousand with a 30 square small bakery business district, of course, the price naturally contains the chilled cake cabinet; 3, monitoring not natural, 500 yuan can also register To fix a small second-hand register can be the most simple accounting hit single; so the equipment will total more than 40 thousand yuan a square 70 armed the standard small bakery.

the tight budget, just a shop, floor tile, wall white, clean the glass.

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