Sichuan supports thousands of college students returning home in agricultural business

Chinese since ancient times is a predominantly agricultural country, also a focus of the entire rural and agricultural issues but also social development has been, and now countries in order to develop rural areas, but also take a lot of measures.

"countryside is a vast world, where you can do". July 16th, the Communist Youth League Sichuan provincial Party committee, the Provincial Department of agriculture, Agricultural Bank of China branch jointly launched the Sichuan college students to return home venture (hereinafter referred to as: entrepreneurial action). The focus of this year to support 1000 college students engaged in agricultural business, become a family of farmers, agriculture occupation managers, farmer cooperatives, agricultural leading entrepreneurs and agricultural social service organizations. It is reported that from now on, there is a willingness to entrepreneurs in the local declaration.

in training assistance, entrepreneurial action will jointly agricultural colleges, leading enterprises to explore the implementation of "sub training mode learning theory + practice teaching". For the inclusion of the support of the object, each training funds of not less than 1000 yuan, to provide not less than 7 days or less than 50 hours of entrepreneurship training.

In fact, for the implementation of a

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