What are the personal entrepreneurship in 2016

different venture investors, the ability to have different funds are not the same, there is a big difference in the understanding of the entrepreneurial market, so the choice of entrepreneurship will naturally have a difference. In short, in the current complexity of the entrepreneurial market, we only choose to really suit their entrepreneurial opportunities, to be able to make a higher probability of success. So, in 2016 the way of personal entrepreneurship?

2016 what are the ways of personal entrepreneurship? While working side entrepreneurship

2016 what are the ways of personal entrepreneurship? For the general office workers, the use of their own professional experience and their own vendor resources, outside the working hours to try to increase the income of entrepreneurship, is a good way to start. In fact, there is no risk or risk is small, but should deal with the relationship between their own work and entrepreneurship.

for example, miss A engaged in years of procurement work in a garment enterprise, there are certain and sensitive to familiar with garment processing business of clothing, now, many garment enterprises are virtual business, even well-known brands, is responsible for product design, design style and then find the garment factory made garments, plus he said the brand to the retail terminal.

miss A now often pick up some "private": customers provide style, Ms. A is responsible for procurement of fabrics and processing plants to find the final delivery of finished products. Such a private life is not only easy, and income is not cheap. This entrepreneurial law must grasp certain principles, the use of leisure time to develop their own business, so as not to make people feel that the company suspected fraud.

recommendations: 1 clear personal development priorities, work is the basis of personal ability and qualifications to grow, so the focus is to do their job, improve personal ability and career development process. 2 hold scale: the customer must not your competitors work; don’t take up any work time; not to disclose commercial secrets of any company; to keep their own occupation personal integrity and credit, there is no big role for personal development.

2016 what are the ways of personal entrepreneurship? Taobao

in the commodity market

2016 what are the ways of personal entrepreneurship? Professional commodity markets, such as clothing wholesale market of small commodities market, just a one-time capital investment, in a year or half of the rent, and store goods in the purchase fee, the mall will help you agency business license, let you save a lot of trouble. There is a popular commodity market background as a basis, the risk is small, but the time and effort invested more.


B itself is a fashion designer, from the clothing company after the resignation of their own business, in a clothing market with other people under the belt with shops, wholesale and retail business operations. By >

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