Youyu held rural (community) Party members entrepreneurship employment skills training courses

to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in rural areas, we must first cultivate their ability to innovate, entrepreneurship training will be less. Therefore, Shanxi, Youyu rural (community) Party members entrepreneurship employment skills training courses!

to further guide the rural Party employment, improve employment ability of rural party business, better promote the national employment, promote accurate poverty, poverty and accurate implementation of the day before, Youyu County Rural (community) party employment skills formal training classes, more than 240 villages from 10 towns and townships throughout the county, 1 Tourism District (community) party received two days of training.

arrangements in the curriculum, focus on party business employment related skills, related policies, laws and regulations, set up "sheep farming technology" "labor insurance policies" interpretation of "tort liability law" set up five development ideas of building a well-off society "and" agricultural production technology "course.

in the training management, set up the class committee, implement the organizational management and the combination of students’ self management, strict implementation of leave system and sign sign off system, require students to obey the classroom discipline, maintain order in the classroom.



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