Registered within the scope of the Xinjiang open shop will enjoy entrepreneurial support

Xinjiang as our country minority areas, in some years the speed of social economic development is obvious to people, at the same time in the Xinjiang area, the business environment is getting better and better, because the government continues to give policy support.

2015, a new round of employment policy, the original business entity for small loans and financial subsidies, social insurance subsidies, tax relief, rent subsidies extended to the network business. But what specific network business can enjoy policy support, need to be identified.

found in the application, may be made to the Department of human resources and social security and social insurance or registered in the shop. Be ready to "Xinjiang network business that the application form", identity card and a copy of the original, "Employment Permit" or "unemployment registration certificate" original goods mailed vouchers and water proof material. Material is complete, will be completed within 10 working days. Network entrepreneurs identified valid for 1 years. Identified more than 1 years, would like to continue to enjoy the relevant policies, the need to submit an application for review.

to venture in Xinjiang area friends, now in the Xinjiang area of business investment will enjoy the policy of helping a lot, at the same time, in the beginning, also need to apply some of the material in accordance with the requirements of business qualification complete identification.


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