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We will always vote on meat in the most sincere eyes

snack street, maybe this time you have been unable to restrain the emotions to flow out slobber. How can the industry do snacks less meat in this project? Xiao Bian today is to recommend a good pie for everyone to join the project – home


home company was founded in 1992, the initial investment scale of only 3000 yuan, but only a few tables of the shop — the friends of the restaurant two. In the early days, the soul home teacher Tian company believes that if we do business, can not live without reason, cannot develop. At that time, the company’s own home in the form of franchising and licensing, the pursuit of a step by step, steady development. The home always adhere to the tenet is "quality is a little better than others, the price is lower than others, and truly let consumers, guests feel real money", so the home to get the majority of consumer support and love, the company quickly grew up home.

How to join

home Burger

exploration, nearly twenty years of development and accumulation, the company has the fast-food brands include: "home meat pie" and "Tian teacher Braised pork in brown sauce" and "big orange noodle" and "eat wonton". The total number of stores up to more than and 160, mainly distributed in Beijing, Hebei and other provinces and cities. Enterprise culture and system construction, model innovation and management capabilities, the development prospects are very broad. So how to join the home Patty


home: Patty joined

(1) franchisee business management, including the restaurant’s daily operations, property, personnel, foreign affairs and other management.

(2) the company does not directly participate in the management, brand, technology, service delivery and product support, but has the power of supervision, have the right to check the restaurant operations, brand usage and financial status, put forward reasonable suggestions for improvement of the rights.

(3) unified franchise product prices. The store price of products in three categories: the new shop can implement three types of promotional price, achieve profit guaranteed carried out two kinds of prices, super district can implement a price, which conforms to the restaurant category price standards must be agreed by the company.

(4) the franchisee shall implement the company "brand" standard, franchisee "brand" improvement, innovation, new achievements and new scheme shall be submitted to the company by the company, analysis, testing, evaluation, decision-making, company without the approval of the project, the franchisee shall not use and promotion, the company agreed to a new decision new achievements, the use and promotion of the management authority to the company, the company can give appropriate incentives to join.

(5) franchisees to join the brand to carry out business, at their own risk. The company does not assume the franchisee in the operation of the formation of debt and tort liability.


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