Don’t get to see how Li Zheng toys play a millionaire

a few more naughty boys in school class, they study well, every day you know to play, let the parents and teachers are a headache, but there is no thought in this group of people, there are also entrepreneurial success and become a millionaire? Don’t believe, today we say is a university student Li Zheng Wanwusangzhi story, playing a millionaire, what is not true?

college students are also a lot of successful entrepreneurs, take a look at the following case is how to play a million wealth. Said Li Zheng Lu Wanwusangzhi, 90 students play mobile phone, but "play" a road of entrepreneurship. He just walked out of the university campus, has two smart phone experience store, became a veritable millionaire".

students praised Li Zheng "flexibility", some people have questioned the "a success" as the "College Students’ work". They thought I was in college during the shop to make money, it is not without this." Just graduated from Fujian Quanzhou Normal University School of software, Li Zheng said, "to open a window of university life for my business, and then the road of entrepreneurship also has been the teacher’s advice."

Li Zheng entrepreneurial inspiration from the combination of professional and interest. "I had a love of electronic products, in the University, I will study all kinds of intelligent mobile phone brand in their spare time, a disassemble installed mobile phone about 30." Li Zheng pointed to the location of a mobile phone parts, while told reporters, now I do not have to open a lot of mobile phones to know how many parts, each part in what position."

after all, interest in interest, and ultimately let me have the idea of creating a shop or benefit from my profession and the school advocated that each student must have their own career planning." Li Zheng said, I learn animation design and production of professional, I slowly find the point of contact, is the combination of mobile phones and digital animation design."

had the inspiration, Li Zheng in the first and second period, while listening school courses, while the use of spare time, in a variety of mobile phone experience store part-time, communicating with customers all kinds of mobile phone operating experience. Most of the current mobile experience store is low-end, I have the advantage of a university professional, they can make all kinds of video to the customer to see, you can open a high-end mobile phone experience store." Li Zheng found a new opportunity for mobile experience store.

2011 in July, and students together to enter junior internship Li Zheng think that the time is ripe, it raised more than ten million yuan, in Haicang District of Xiamen City home opened a more than and 30 square meters of "Xi Dou digital intelligent mobile phone store experience.

in Li Zheng’s shop, constantly rolling the video of all kinds of product profiles. "Some of them I found on the Internet, some of my own." Lizhengjian

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