Nanjing upgrade credit limit restriction policy after the first wave of real estate listing tide beg

real estate this year’s hot, so many people eat watermelon every day to see are not long ago be struck dumb, this time in the face of soaring real estate market prices, the local government of Nanjing has taken a series of measures. But after 10 full days of the Nanjing property market "upgrade" purchase limited credit policy, does not seem to hit the local property market purchasing power — on the 12 day, ushered in the first wave of new local real estate market boom, 8 projects launched more than 2000 houses, houses should be large-scale when the "daylight" "luminous" in the scene a repeat of the local property market.

however, there are real employment was traced to the "Navy" prop and ultimately only sold less than 20% houses. Due to the regulation of the property market differentiation can be described as "opera" full of drama. 14 evening, Fenghua South Real Estate Hexi golden Center announced the temporary opening, launched 240 sets of housing, limit order ", the sale price was firmly" regulation "in 35000 yuan / square meters of the" red line ". The next day, the same area school district housing estate Kaisa city square also launched 352 sets of the same limited hardcover room, fold in 35000 yuan / square meters. The price level of the current property market in Nanjing is the "golden mean", and the River southwest of the second-hand housing prices higher than the new price of 10 thousand yuan / square meters, a second-hand housing prices upside down severely, highlighting the new price advantage compared to. The appearance of these two major projects, breaking the River southwest more than 3 months, no food out of the warehouse supply embarrassment.

has always been a guest and improve the South West investment plan "," double limit "upgrade from behind the news is that the amount of build off the region the number of real estate has shrunk significantly, such as the center of Fenghua prospective customers from more than 3 thousand down to 1000 group, Kaisa city square build passenger volume from thousands of groups decreased to less than the 800 group. So the market speculation, the South West new home sales may therefore from hard to find a room to buy a luck Jianlou situation.

however, even if the storage capacity decreased, caused in prices due to strict control of stagflation, import, pre plate district "the most expensive land prices is expected to rise still" in the case of final sales this two real estate does not seem to be affected by the developers that have been sold out. Reporters yesterday inquiry "online real estate", the center found the subscription data Fenghua 240 suites source have been uploaded; subscription data Kaisa city square yesterday continuously updated to 19 for 186 sets, really "daylight" remains to be seen.

reporter unannounced visits also learned that still "room number" South West undercurrent when real estate sales, low 300 thousand, high 600 thousand, there are buyers who micro letter said, he spent 300 thousand to buy the "real", really shake to the front of the room. We can see that in the early stage of housing supply "gap period" long under the background of West South for less than the demand of the relationship between supply and demand is still not changed, but because of high prices, the value of the plate recognition has been significantly controlled, so hard to find a room situation recommended

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