Master the four principles of franchise not deceived

today, more and more entrepreneurs are no longer alone, but the choice of a potential project, backed by the strength of the enterprises to run their own business. So, how to join the chain? Grasp the four principles, to venture success.

in addition, universal values is also very important. If the headquarter has repeatedly stressed the importance of location, the franchisee will think again, probably because of the wrong place and lose, because the right place to shop Co., general management.

two criteria: the more critical the better


join, for people who want to start, it is a shortcut to success. According to Japan’s retail statistics, there are 80% independent shop first year and put up the shutters chain first year, only 20% of the end, it proved that "joining than their own business cost".

find rich experience, and chain stores reached a certain scale or at least two years of development headquarters, more security management. Some emerging franchise system itself has not been tested by the market, the customer’s consumption habits have not yet formed, easy to cause the illusion of a temporary business boom.

three criteria: the assessment of the financial and the direction of their

select headquarters although not petty, lose, not because of the small amount of investment, business mentality on laissez faire. A chairman of the Taiwan chain cleaning company said that if the franchise fee of only a few million or about one hundred thousand, many franchisees have to "loss of even" idea, if the franchise fees increased to hundreds of thousands of yuan, but the operator would be more careful.

Rule four:

face to face personally to the headquarters

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