Six walnut annual sales of 3 billion secret

six is a relatively recent popular walnut milk beverage brands, has a good reputation, has a good sales, the market won praise, then, six walnut is how to get good grades, won the 3 billion annual sales record?

often use the precise positioning of the brain, the scale of the dissemination of traditional TV media, the two companies with the right combination of the line channels makes six walnut quickly intensive and meticulous farming, popular in the northern market. Industry sources said about 3000000000 of sales in 2011, the data is unknown in 2012, but it must be sustained growth.

from the orientation to a series of work and communication channels, are derived from the research and Pondering on consumers. What kind of products are sold to consumers? What value and benefits should be provided to them? How do they know? How to get them to buy? How do they keep buying? These questions are critical.

the product name and brand is an important selling point

then is the brand selling point. Often use the brain, drink six walnut. The product of this appeal to provide consumers with a functional value, so that consumers are very clear, and is very direct to know what this product can bring me good, why buy it?. Simple, practical, powerful, not empty. For the brand to find such a selling point is very important.

There are a number of products

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