So there are so many tips for casual drinks shop

believe that we have found that the domestic leisure drinks market is becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, there are many investors will open a casual drinks shop as their first step in gold.

is the so-called "wine is also afraid of deep alley, the location of beverage shop is very important. The location strategy of leisure drinks shop, the whole network for you to introduce, hope the investment intentions of the entrepreneurs may wish to look at.

values evaluation

in the values of choice, preferred to consider store market positioning itself, because of the different market positioning, to attract customers is not the same, the choice of business is different; the next step is to consider the stability and maturity of the district. Fruit diffuse four seasons flexible mode of operation, investors can choose a few square meters stalls, you can also open dozens of square meters to hundreds of square meters of stores. Finally, but also a comprehensive consideration of the selected area of traffic, traffic, regional planning, human environment and housing rents and other factors.

on Regional Planning

in determining the address before the regional construction planning must consult the local relevant departments to understand and grasp the potential locations, which areas were planning for commercial and cultural areas, tourist areas, transportation center, industrial zone, etc.. Because regional planning often involves building demolition and reconstruction, without understanding the selected address in the blind, the cost recovery before they encounter demolition, regional integration and other government planning, so that entrepreneurs will suffer huge economic losses, or lose their geographical advantage. At the same time, after the master of the regional planning, according to the different regional types, determine the different forms of operation and operating specifications, etc..

location pointsNear the

: on the one hand, Commercial Street commercial street traffic, convenient transportation, is a good choice for leisure drink shops, tourist basically do not worry, however, the commercial street shops rent high.

hope Xiaobian bring clothes proposed, entrepreneurs can bring some help. The whole network that the shop site in conjunction with the local business circle, the flow of people and many other factors to consider flexible, entrepreneurs in the investment before to prepare.


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