Use WeChat as a tool to maintain customer relationship

When WeChat

has become a lot of people’s daily use of communication tools, if we can make good use of this software, you can make it as a tool to maintain customer relationship! You might think, WeChat is just a tool to friends, if too many business information will be full of them, the taste, I also very much in favor of this, as for the author, if their WeChat once too many commercial taste things, will be deleted or added to the blacklist, believed to have such thinking is more than the one of

!In fact, WeChat

customer relationship maintenance can be done in imperceptibly, and very delicate, imperceptibly reached the maintenance of customer groups, as the following example: the company Amoy K net in a few months before the launch of the WeChat platform, beginning when the main force to maintain public accounts every day, hope to get the recognition of consumers and take the initiative to add, but added the number of very small, but because the site itself is too high brand awareness or step outside, more important is the public accounts available for reading news is nothing special.

later decided to switch to another form, the use of private accounts "Amoy K Xiaobian" (micro signal: taoktv) way to add those who have on our website successfully scheduled KTV friends, the advantage of this is to allow consumers to accept the "add micro signal K Amoy network Xiaobian" more easy.

By the time the accumulation of

, slowly the private accounts to get a lot of customer resources, Amoy K net WeChat small NIKO maintain intentions based on daily news content on the private account does not stop sending some consumers do not resent the mood, and the fun funny or sunshine pictures, gradually acquired these customers, and from time to time will leave some words in my circle of friends, to greet each other.

although these things seem just a pure friendship but also maintain the ice break, quickly when these adorable customers want to sing K after a desire, they would call the small NIKO in WeChat, and talk to her Amoy K net to sing K preferential prices and so on, this kind of logical every day in WeChat constantly orders.

In fact,

also has a very good communication software, can make this effect, but because there is too much business information, so many buyers are not indulging in this chat communication software, only when there is demand for the purchase of the only contact each other, this is Taobao want.

when I used to use Taobao as a QQ like that want to use, the beauty of the girls want to talk with them, with a friend’s attitude towards them, but can be continuously repeated consumption and old customers. In fact, as long as we know how to make friends with customers, as long as the customer can agree with you when the sales staff, then to get orders, is not a difficult thing.

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