From the Mustard brother turned the company’s assets of nearly 30 million entrepreneurs

everyone’s entrepreneurial path is not smooth, rugged often. Last December, the research station has reported Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics student Zhou Hua "had two months of mustard, earned the first barrel of gold". One of his weekly business living only 30 to 50 yuan, usually rely on mustard live, he developed the project successfully obtained 1 million yuan of investment.

at that time in the interview, Zhou Hua described his dream to reporters: "I hope that your company can create a technical talent," Amoy Amoy search intelligence network ‘, was built between the product and the market, technology and talent flow platform, let the world each place of intellectual resources into the Internet space, form a huge network."

open taobao.com, all kinds of goods for the "buyers" a superb collection of beautiful things, but can be arbitrarily selected, thought of scientific research projects and ideas from the "grassroots" students can also like merchandise, on display in the network platform, to attract investors to "seckill"? At last week’s opening of the Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics College of science and technology festival. Is now three students study Zhou Hua developed the "technology innovation operation center, by the industry acclaim, and has received nearly 6 million yuan of investment funds.

2009 years, when Research >

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