From 3 yuan to the extraordinary entrepreneurial experience () (3 million)

this is an ordinary people can hardly imagine the entrepreneurial process, which is from 3 yuan to a gorgeous transformation of the 3 million. Yes, from 3 yuan to 3 million yuan, for all expect nothing of the entrepreneur, is a beautiful dream. Dream come true is the ultimate goal of every entrepreneur.

if the heart in the dream.

to published information is vegetables detoxification machine Xu dingguo.

he readily agreed. Next, I will wait for him to call to set the time for me to go to Xiamen, but I never see him. He gave me a call when I had a little doubt about him. So, one day in April 2002, I went to Chongqing from Xiamen.

see Xu Dingguo at the Xiamen airport first glance, he is wearing a white coat, young, handsome, full of vigor. In the taxi, he told me that he came to Xiamen from Shanghai in 1999, and he liked it here. In Xiamen two days later, I will state the preliminary understanding to Xu, he said "vegetable detoxification machine" have a comprehensive cognition.

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