How much money do you need to open a Zhang Dapan

Why can

do so successfully fool DaPanJi Xiao Bian personally feel that the main reason is that it is a good learning brand, understand the "repaid" the truth, why do you say that? Because a fool chicken market in the beginning, after a long to go to some place and DaPanJi birthplace of Xinjiang Shawan fieldwork, tasting, learning, and after repeated research and try to thaw hundreds of long, combined with the core of the soul of Henan Sichuan, scientific formula, forming a unique taste today to eat potatoes, hold dish, chicken market send two copies of the norm, made in line with the Henan people’s tastes "fool Zhang Dapan chicken". Fool Zhang Dapan chicken was officially established in 2000 century business during the years, won the new and old customers love, good reputation, has successfully opened a number of outlets and chain stores, and were registered in the State Trademark bureau. This is why the reason why the reason why the success of the fool’s chicken market, if you want to join, I’ll go with the small series to see how much money to open a fool Zhang Dapan chicken shop!

fool Zhang Zhang chicken join fee

The development prospect of

Zhang: fool fool Zhang DaPanJi break the traditional mode, break the normal procedure, a new service concept, the delicacy contains various cultures formed in the development, improve the catering business class, increase the content of culture, create a unique dining atmosphere, expanding the social impact of the restaurant. Focus on the concept of local taste chicken, and the concept of "chicken" conceptualization, standardization, systematization. Fool Zhang Dapan chicken focus on ecology, health, nutrition, not just a good taste. It from the raw materials, production, installation disk have their own ideas and requirements, unlike anyone can play a brand can do chicken. As people’s health, nutrition, more and more high demand, fool Zhang will be more dedicated, professional focus for you to do a good job in the future.

in order to support the new and old customers to start, the company still maintained ten years ago, the standard fee:

initial fee thirty thousand yuan: the other does not charge any fees) the company provided free publicity items, including advertising, publicity department, medals, banners, cards, store price board, clothing, staff training, and other cultural facilities! Unified style stores, store responsible for their own decoration.

company is responsible for the full range of store design, store chef training: learning, the bag eats, learn so far, open to provide needed publicity materials, colorful six thousand, one thousand cards, the price of plates, medals, plaques, banners, a set of corporate culture, cultural wall advertising: store staff clothing, the promotion of network:

during the opening, the company sent for you to take care of the shop operation manager, all aspects of management, staffing, field work, the chef led for your supervision and inspection of food quality, let you worry free opening


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