Fushun and characteristics of the health of rice in the pot to join what

changes in consumer demand for food and beverage, it will lead to the long-term survival of the food and beverage market must be transformed. Under the premise of maintaining the characteristics of traditional food and beverage, conform to the trend of the times is the performance of the wise. So what is it now? Health food is undoubtedly the most important. What kind of catering project can meet this point. Xiaobian to recommend to you is a high brand and Fushun cooking characteristics of the health

and Fushun catering to join with a new health cooking technology of titanium alloy pot as one of the Palace Heritage secret cooking, health diet concept into the stew pot, according to the demand of human nutrition delicacy advocate reasonable collocation, quantitative tonic, scientific modulation, five kinds of health, Shun raised from time to time. The core products will be the full integration of five kinds of sour, sweet, bitter, hot salty, not only meet the taste experience, more acid liver, kidney, spleen, salty sweet bitter heart, Xin Bufei health essence embodied. Based on the health and Fushun, launched a variety of special products according to customers recommend catering to join, taste, physical fitness, time to choose the most appropriate own delicacy.

and Fushun Special food cooking franchise originated from the Qing Dynasty yushanmingyao spicy fish sauce. Tongzhi years, imperial suijia duct chuxun, Emperor Tongzhi goods times around the food, like spicy fish sauce, like the "Xianxiang Mian tender, long aftertaste". Then the cable from the private royal secret, and on the basis of the emperor’s physique into many kinds of valuable pharmaceutical material, pharmaceutical food as a primer, aromatic flavor, pleasant aftertaste, palace dishes become, after meal, the teacher into the civil court. This carefully improved modern famous master of traditional pharmaceutical food, flavor, seafood, wine aroma, Tomato Juice full integration with all kinds of meat and seafood as the main raw material, with nutrient rich vegetables, delicious flavor, popular consumer favorite, the advent of cooking.

The fast pace of modern life

is full of pressure and temptation, change the old people’s lifestyle and eating habits, bad environmental change is also a crisis on the health of human body, the body often let people in sub-health state. Thus, food safety, food and health, food nutrition has become the hearts of the people the pursuit of the ideal of life, and enable Fu Shun Shun sometimes will join the project, the essence of ancient dietary health on the table. Elegant chic small flies health hall, reeky stewing warm and simple raw feelings, and Fushun dietary conditioning, traditional Chinese medicine and modern health nutrition together, adhering to the "ancient diet therapy, medicine and food, food homologous functions, five kinds of health", rooted in traditional culture, grafting of modern science, reasonable for health become a fashion restaurant.

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