Rational food and beverage consumption led the new trend of public catering

since the implementation of the provisions of the central eight, China’s food and beverage market has been withdrawn, some are struggling to seek a transformation in the development of such a state, China is gradually returning to the popularity of food consumption.

2015 national food and beverage industry continued to maintain a steady growth trend. Food and beverage enterprises in the national policy and market demand under the guidance of the dual, change the concept of thinking, return to reason, return to the market, to meet the needs of mass consumption; adjust the structure, change the mode of operation, and achieved remarkable results. High end consumption, high price consumption has gradually been replaced by mass consumption, the central eight provisions of the development of the food and beverage industry back on track, the restaurant industry gradually return to the essence of service, and promote the healthy and healthy development of the food and beverage industry.

1. mass consumption has become the mainstream of stimulating the growth of food and beverage industry.

implementation of the provisions of the central eight, since the opposition against the wind, public funds, consumer spending fell significantly, fast food, group meals, hot pot, self-service, breakfast and other popular formats welcomed by the people of consumers, such as the four. Even Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing Xiaolan Xiaonanguo Jingya and other well-known catering enterprises have also played down, close to the people, the popular business card. Xiangeqing dinner table hundreds of thousands of million high-end restaurant in Beijing was closed last store, completely out of the catering industry. In Sichuan Chengdu, high-grade restaurant shizilou headquarters cut 628 yuan make only superficial changes, a sea food and poultry, the part of the parking spaces for storage battery car, has been in the shop to make ordinary people become regulars.

2. catering industry experienced rapid growth in consumption, personalized consumption booming.

with the improvement of living standards, the catering enterprises according to the needs of the market development, the market for consumers to choose food products retrofit, the increasingly fierce competition in a superb collection of beautiful things. Characteristics, personalized services to meet consumer demand for personalized, service attitude and user experience has become the focus of competition in the catering business.

3. information technology to help the rapid development of the catering industry

as a traditional growth point of the catering industry in Internet plus tide, to find combination of catering industry and the Internet, taking into account the food and beverage industry, audience and industry characteristics, using the Internet to create a new model, new technology and new service industry realize the diversification of blur, transformation and sustainable development of the management of fashion. Many enterprises through channels or through self innovation, cooperation, launched APP, client service, group purchase, location search, dining reservations, online payment, reviews and other services, greatly enhance the audience dimensions and customer groups of enterprises, so as to seek more profit for the enterprise.

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