Switch ten brands list

in the decoration of the whole process, there are a few things as basic supplies, we need to focus on quality, in general, consumers will buy brand products, which is a very important switch. We are ready to switch contact furniture, may be a lot of people on these small pieces of product brands are not very concerned about, but the switch ten brand is we should understand the use of a good switch can be assured that, if one is not careful buy inferior switch, will cause serious harm to our life, so we should buy switch price good, well-known brands on the market in general higher than the price, the following small series with ten switch to see brand rankings.

switch ten brands list NO.1, SIEMENS SIEMENS (SIEMENS AG, Germany) was established in 1847, is the world’s leading brand in the field of electrical and electronic engineering. SIEMENS is a pioneer in the industry worldwide in electrical and electronic fields, active in the energy, medical, industrial and infrastructure construction and city four business areas, to create innovative technology and professional knowledge for the interests of customers in more than and 190 countries around the world.)

switch ten brand list, NO.2 Legrand (Legrand Legrand (Shanghai) Management Company Limited, in 1860 France, the world electrical industry pioneer, electrical and intelligent building system leading global solutions provider, focusing on the construction of electrical network and information products and systems for the global professional manufacturer)

switch ten brand rankings, NO.3 Schneider (Schneider Schneider electric (Chinese) Co. Ltd., Schneider Schneider, electrical equipment – Electrical ten brand, began in France in 1920, has 170 years of glorious history, the leading brand in the field of global distribution equipment, the famous manufacturer of electrical field)

switch ten brand rankings, NO.4 Simon (Simon Simon electric (China) Co. Ltd., ten electrical switch socket brands, ten brands, founded in Spain in 1916, the world famous brand of low-voltage electrical appliances, high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, one of the professional switch, the world’s largest lamp manufacturers, in the product China almost a hundred patents, among the forefront of the domestic counterparts).

switch ten brands list NO.5, CHINT electric (Zhejiang CHINT Building Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd. (referred to as CHINT) is the CHINT group and the high and low voltage electrical appliances, power transmission, instrumentation are one of the four pillar industries. CHINT since the inception of adhering to the quality as the foundation of the business philosophy, to create the first national brand China electrician, seventeen years of glorious history is to improve the quality, the electrician technology innovation continuously the national struggle history.)

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