How to let the enterprise going out Jiangsu to launch a comprehensive service platform

The arrival of the era of

economic globalization, so that the development of the economy if only based on the local market, has been far from the current trend of development, but also not conducive to enterprises to maintain adequate competitive advantage! In the face of how to make enterprises "going out"? Jiangsu comprehensive service platform to go out the official website opened on the line. The platform for enterprises "going out" to participate in "The Belt and Road construction and equipment manufacturing capacity and carry out international cooperation to provide one-stop service.

according to reports, the Jiangsu international investment promotion platform based on network platform, the site entrance is located in the Jiangsu Provincial Department of commerce portal center, dynamic information, support and promote the country environment, project information, project summary regulations, cases, funds for seven plates, and the fusion Unicom enterprises going out of the provincial departments and finance the relevant agencies work service information, and focus on the release of "The Belt and Road" national investment environment, preferential policies and risk warning information, and to provide funds to support the project docking, and other support services for enterprises out of convenience.

it is understood that in 2016 1-11 months, a total of 1053 foreign investment projects in Jiangsu Province, an increase of 31.6%, the Chinese agreement investment of $14 billion, an increase of 45.7%. 1-11 month, 1035 projects of overseas enterprises in Jiangsu Province, the average investment size of $13 million 480 thousand, an increase of $1 million 80 thousand over the same period last year, foreign investment in China totaled tens of millions of dollars more than 255 projects, an increase of 25% over the same period, the province accounted for 1/4 of the number of foreign investment projects. Among them, more than $fifty million in the project, accounting for the province’s foreign investment projects over the same period, the number of 8.4% of the number of 88. From the industry point of view, mainly in the manufacturing, wholesale and retail, business services, research and development and real estate.

how to allow enterprises to go out? Jiangsu out of the integrated service platform on the line, to promote the further development of enterprises, is a very meaningful thing. From the regional perspective, more than 50% in Asia, followed by North America, Europe, Oceania, Latin America and Africa, Hongkong, United States, Australia, Indonesia and Italy in Jiangsu Province, the amount of foreign investment of the top five countries (regions), to "The Belt and Road along the country’s 216 investment projects, China investment amount of $3 billion 60 million, an increase of 30.1% and 25.7% respectively, accounted for 20.5% of the total and 21.9% in the same period.

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