Hefei nternet plus tax to make entrepreneurship easier

some of the entrepreneurs in the early start, there will be a lot of investment in the premise, the entrepreneurial process in some countries the tax is a very big business spending, now the country are encouraging people to venture in Anhui Hefei is positive, the self-employed for tax relief policy.

The implementation of

new way to clear the record in the first stage of relief can declare or you can submit information during the reporting period for the levy, the grass-roots tax authorities and taxpayers provide more choices in the implementation of policies. In the past there is no clear policy in the duration of the record can be tax-free whether a record has been enjoying, this new way to be clear, in order to reduce the burden of taxpayers, the implementation of tax policy will be more flexible.

but need to be reminded that the new regulations that the taxpayer has kept its obligation to meet the conditions for tax information. Therefore, taxpayers need to according to the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations to collect tax information, while doing work for future reference, or if the follow-up can not provide relevant information to verify whether it can enjoy tax relief, will be produced by the risk of levying tax.

Pay attention to the self-employed friend

Hefei, the invoice can apply for pre audit in advance through the network, without a trip to run the tax hall, the little mouse will be able to quickly get the tickets. From this month, the IRS tax on business needs of people, a new mode of upgrade "Internet plus tax, provide more convenience for Small and micro businesses has just started.

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