How to open a good car shop learned to earn easy

with the improvement of people’s living conditions, more and more families have cars, and some even have a two or three. So, now many places can see the car wash shop, then, if you open a car wash shop in the District, how to open the car wash shop to make money?.

is a strong authentic Cantonese, when the life of the driver, that middle-aged people are laid off home, no job. He was not much of life pursuit, hard working, a wage. Can not think of the boss unscrupulous companies go bankrupt, lost their jobs, life is difficult to continue. A strong one in trouble, do not know how to face.

but was forced on the wall, have the courage to overcome difficulties. He braved the scorching sun, braved the heat, to find a suitable job, run for months and no results. At this time, a friend advised him around their familiar car business to find a way out. He ran around the car wash shop, repair shop, car shop, or no suitable thing to do.

he listened to the advice of friends, to find a suitable place in the middle of residential buildings, spent 50000 yuan deposit only home, opened a car beauty shop. At the beginning, mainly to the car wash, wash a car according to the mass market 10 yuan, he only received 8 yuan; the center of the car wash at 8 o’clock in the evening after the closing time, he will stick to 10 o’clock; others use waxing, maintenance, replacement parts deceive customers, profiteering, but in reality, he insisted on their own genuine goods at a fair price. Style. So, three months down wash, only that he was pleased that the monthly increase in customers.

due to the surrounding area are high-grade residential, almost everyone has a car. At the same time, most of them can only drive, do not know how to maintain and maintain the car. A strong hand to attract more customers. On the other hand, determined to win the trust of customers through their own service. General small repair only the cost of spare parts, a few minor problems, to help deal with, do not receive labor costs.

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