Xiamen how to promote enterprises to go out

with the trend of economic globalization is obvious, the development of an enterprise, only based on their own is not enough! This time, Xiamen to promote enterprises going out, the development of relevant policies. Let us look at the following.

the municipal SASAC and the Xiamen branch of China Development Bank held a joint support enterprises to "go out", "The Belt and Road" strategic political cooperation talks, and signed the "Xiamen to promote a new round of SOE reform and industrial upgrading" 13th Five-Year "development of financial cooperation memorandum".

meeting, CDB Xiamen branch also with the construction group, the city’s 20 State-owned Port Group Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the cumulative amount of nearly 200 billion yuan cooperation.

it is reported that, according to the memorandum of cooperation the municipal SASAC and the Xiamen branch of China Development Bank signed, the two sides will focus on our "13th Five-Year" period of development goals and strategic task, give full play to their respective resources, information, policy, human resources advantages, to carry out all-round cooperation in Xiamen free trade zone area, the regional financial the service center and the implementation of the "The Belt and Road" strategy etc..

According to the

protocol, "13th Five-Year", and the Xiamen branch of China Development Bank will further strengthen cooperation, give full play to the development of financial advantage, the full support of enterprise transformation and upgrading and going out".

follow the pace of development of the times, continue to carry out reform, and after grow their own strength, actively "go out", not more than seclusion, international exchanges, in order to better survive in the local area, based on the international market!

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