Moss business easy to make money

although many people have realized that moss business is very hot, it is worth us to invest in choice. However, many investors are still hesitant to think at the same time, it has been formally entered into the industry, and has made a huge profit return. In short, now do moss business, is really easy to make money.

network shop

boss monthly income of 10000 yuan

in the shop, carefully modified micro landscape in the moss, grass, and other fleshy textured collocation plants, bonsai soil after Huang Yusha’s sudden rise to eighty or ninety yuan, if the store again Hualong fine collocation with miniature dolls, wooden and other accessories, the price is almost equal to 200 yuan.

and most of it is already moss planting small expert "moss lichenin", will buy the original ecological moss decoration on the internet. The shop sold exclusively in moss Haplocladium microphyllum and fine branches, Brachytheciaceae, Thuidium cymbifolium, Fissidens etc. common moss has expanded the sale price, according to the varieties and sell from 10 yuan to 20 yuan ranging from low to high. Among them, the most popular of h.plumaeforme, only 10 days of sales is more than and 280 pots. The program has been popular with the moss had hot "meat" have a fight.

, a shop owner said, moss sales market slowly began to fire up from 2014, now many "fans", buyers from different provinces in the country, "the customer both buy micro moss landscape, there are only buy pure moss." It is reported that these buyers purchase pure moss, some of their own time to play with the moss moss love home, while others are the owner of the flower market specializing in bonsai business. When it comes to moss for each month to create their own economic benefits, the shop owner then a word with a simple: "only moss, then, almost a month on the income of ten thousand dollars".

flower market

a small piece of moss 25 yuan


with "moss hot" the wind blew harder. Chengdu flower market in addition to flowers and plants of the figure, now has more than the added "hot". Yesterday, the fleshy Sanshengxiang Flower Industry Park bonsai area, shop, moss has been "out of the hall".

compared to the shop, where the price of moss called the people first price, and decided to market prices in addition to varieties, but also divided into two kinds of dry and wet. The net 10 yuan a small bowl of h.plumaeforme, spent 25 yuan will be able to walk in here to buy a box. "This is the price of wet moss, if you want to buy moss cheaper, 18 yuan a bag."

boss science says dry moss is dormant in a dry state of moss, "buy home water >

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